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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Auditioning and DVDs

Okay, it’s one thing to perform a role on film that’s MEANT for film, but it’s super difficult to execute a piece traditionally meant for the stage on film. What am I talking about? I am talking about sending in an audition DVD for a theatre company.

I love technology! There were a few theatre company internships that I wanted to apply for but I couldn’t make out to their auditions. I mean some were in KY and CA and I just didn’t have enough time to put in time off at my job or set up flight plans…so thank God for technology and understanding theatre companies. A few companies that I was interested in gave me the option to submit a DVD of my work rather than fly out there just for an audition.

Building a DVD
First thing is first, choose pieces that truly represent your strengths, your range, and your drive. This part wasn’t too hard for me, I must admit. I had spent the whole semester preparing certain audition pieces, so this was the easiest part. Next, you need to figure out how are you going to film it. Using your webcam or a simple camcorder, just make sure it is clear and professional. In my case, I was extremely blessed to have awesome friends WITH awesome equipment and they filmed one stellar audition DVD for me. But it’s as simple as using a good camera, finding a program to build your DVD, and burn one.
  • Give a proper, fun introduction...I mean just like a regular audition
  • Use contrasting pieces; not necessarily humorous and dramatic, but emotionally contrasting as well
***Note: Make sure you use a professional looking DVD label on the front of your DVD

Treat It like a Regular Audition
So just because it’s on film doesn’t mean you should turn off any of your audition etiquette. The cool thing about filming is if you flub up, uh….cut let’s do that take again! LOL But yeah remember to dress nice, articulate, and overall just be you.

"It’s crazy in the past I have been ridiculed for being too “professional” at an audition. Not fake…no the words they used weren’t ‘fake’ but…too professional.  And I must admit to this day, I have no clue what that means. What I do think it could mean is that they already have an impression of me before I started speaking. Based off what I am wearing or how I walk or whatever…that being said as long as you KNOW yourself, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise."

 Below is an example of one my audition monologues. You can see more of them on my YouTube Channel!

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