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Saturday, February 28, 2015


February 28, 2015- Tough.

At this very moment---literally I am at a place of peace and reverence. I can precisely pinpoint to this day last year and I was so empty and lost. I am serious. I was in a tumultuous relationship with not only myself but with an individual that wasn't right for me. And as I reflect…neither was I for them. I was still eager and driven…extremely passionate about my path as an Actor but very…distracted. I was allowing decisions to be made that only followed my emotions and not my mind or spirit.  I wasn't in one accord with Him.

So now as I sit upon my bed readying myself for the audition that will LITERALLY change the course of my life…I am so thankful. I am honestly such at peace right now. Today, just like all the rest of these past couple of months, is heavy and busy. I have rehearsal for about 7 hours and then I have to shoot over to the audition…no time to breathe, just go. And I am ready! I am so excited! Over the past couple of months, God has revealed to me that he has been preparing me to fall dependent on myself. He has shown me my strengths under pressure. He has shown me who and what I need in my life and what I don't. He has taught to me start recognizing my mistakes BEFORE…I make them.

Am I now suddenly perfect? NO. BUT I am growing and becoming a true woman of God. Today's audition will set me on the course of a lifetime. It will finally open the door of opportunity for my future as a performer, an artist, and a human being. NO ONE COULD HAVE TOLD ME that this time last year…crying into the depths of my pillows that I would be doing this again! Putting myself out there to be judged and evaluated! But I am! I am doing it again! I am so proud that I did not let a simple thing like 4  "NOs" keep from going after this again. Because my vision is bigger than rejections… my vision is about a movement.

Our business can be tough, people. We all know it---well…I guess you can say I am one TOUGH cookie. (smiles) Please send me your best wishes and prayers….today is the beginning of my true journey.  I am claiming it! Be on the lookout for the results!!


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Monday, February 23, 2015


I wrote this blog a couple of days ago…and I have now decided to post it.

February 20, 2015- Tamed.

Got a question? Have you ever made a change in yourself that you can't decide if it is a "change" or am I being tamed? Am I learning to be more mature or am I conforming? I have to admit that the timing of this here "snow break" was impeccably perfect. I was starting to feel extremely overwhelmed… and I just needed a rest and break. Just to rest a while. I took time to read, to laugh, to have some just personal "me" time… and it was quite refreshing I might add. And I was reflecting on myself. As we all should do sometimes. 

That fiery Brittney flair is slowly simmering out, y'all. I am serious. I am watching it happen before my eyes. No, it is not a change in intent but in pace. Am I just learning to accept what is given to me…and make the best out of it? Is that what you call "settling"? This is a legitimate question. Or am I just learning to be grateful and allow things to come as they may?! AAAHHH it is a conundrum, right? I have come to accept that with my career it is all about the timing and being in the right place at the right time. For 10 years, I have been pursuing Acting full time vigorously and emotionally. Countless auditions, air fares, hotels, rejections, and still I get up running. Why?? Because that fire in me won't be tamed. However, I can feel the moisture upon my nape…but I won't let me smolder down. I don't want to be just a trail of smoke… I think conformity comes in the sense of what "society" wants you to be like. To be normal. What is normal? Clearly it is a perception. 

DONT BE TAMED! There is an inner beast…a strength within all of us. There are times to let it rest at bay…but when the time comes--- let it BURST from you. Attacking the enemy of conformity and embracing the power of a good fight. 


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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fox's Empire and What it is Truly About

Fox's Empire and What it is Truly About 
by Brittney S. Harris

As an actress of over 10 years, I have watched television's perception of entertainment change tremendously over the years. Concepts and story lines have become more gritty and less glamorized. There has and always will be a stigma over shows with a predominately African-American cast. These "black shows" are held against several different standards each having its on category of regular television versus "black television". Do these show accurately portray the African-American experience? Let's take for example FOX's hottest new TV drama Empire. Which, according to its ever chart topping ratings, is one of the hottest shows to hit the market in a while. Notice I said 'show'…not "black show". But there is much scrutiny behind the show's storyline, characters, and overall representation of black people.  Let me just say for the record,  I absolutely adore this show. Not only am I completely engrossed in the plot and storylines, I am invested in the world of these characters. People forget that TV is not always meant to be an accurate representation of "real life". It is for entertainment value. Point blank.

I was posed with a question that spoke about Empire's intent of promoting more lead black characters on prime time television or does it prove harmful stereotypes towards black people. I laughed. I laughed long and hard because the thing is… your perception of what black people are "really" like will always be YOUR perception. Many people have come down on this show claiming that is not an accurate portrayal of the music industry. Many people have claimed that this show is not an accurate portrayal of African-Americans and entrepreneurship. I could go on and on and I only say one thing: when is ANYTHING we view on TV an accurate portrayal  of anything at all?! Let's take the show for what it is: entertainment. It is a compelling FICTIONAL story that has interesting characters dealing with the bouts of an upcoming music empire. 

BOOM! That's it. Stop reading more into it. Is it promoting more black leads to prime time television? Yes it is and good! There should be more diversity on television.  By diversity, I mean race, type, sexual orientation, etc. What's wrong with that? The show is good in the sense that it is something that has not been seen before. I mean people are comparing it to Starz' Power. Personally, I have not seen Power but hey, the more the merrier. As an African-American actress, I find shows like Empire and Power to be stepping stones for me in the entertainment business. No longer is it all about the skinny, fair skinned, long haired actresses-- we are starting to see more characters who look and act like regular people in… extraordinary ENTERTAINING circumstances.   

Monday, February 16, 2015


February 16, 2015- Irreplaceable.

Go ahead…get your Beyonce on. It is nearly impossible not the belt out Irreplaceable when it is on the radio…Men too. ;)

Growing up, I was drilled that there is always someone better than me, smarter than me,  prettier than me. I could go on and on. Don’t make that face or roll your eyes---it’s the truth. Some may call it tough love but… it taught me a very good lesson: they were right. There will always be something greater than me…and that is myself.

See I have always had a smart alecky attitude. The kind of attitude that would get you chopped in the throat if you didn’t maintain and get it together. You feel me? Anyways, even from a young age I knew how to take a negative and somehow make it into a positive. I will always be better than “the me” before because…I am not the same person every day. Every day I am growing and changing. So the very person that I am being “compared” to is only myself.
I know what you are thinking. This whole “Positive Patty” mumbo jumbo is for the birds but let me ask you something. When did being down and negative about yourself ever benefit anyone? I am serious. It doesn’t. We have to start viewing ourselves as ‘irreplaceable’  because the reality is…we are irreplaceable. I mean unless you believe in parallel universes and clones and blah…there is only one of you. How fascinating? There is no one like you.  People may “look” like you but no one thinks like you. No one can be you.

Whatever flaws you may have or talents you possess are yours. Shoot, my height. That was something that took me years to accept and appreciate. I realized it was my “identifier”. And I would stop at nothing to “replace” that feature about me. I remember…(laughs) growing up and watching on cartoons that if you put your feet underneath the base of the refrigerator and reach towards the top…you could ACTUALLY elongate your body. So I tried it! STOP LAUGHING! I was a very determined little girl.

Did it work? Hell naw, of course not! Lol…but over the years, I realized that it didn’t matter. The things I viewed and thought were a hindrance and flaws turned into…acceptance. So to the people, who kept pushing me towards trying to one up the next “best thing”…thank you.


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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Lonely Actress.

February 10, 2015- The Lonely Actress.

LOL…even creating the title for this blog is making me laugh. The lonely actress---being an entertainer, the last thing synonymous with us is LONELY. Either you are surrounded by fans/supporters, haters, family, etc…but the last thing to ever be considered is that you are actually lonely. Well dammit, it is the truth. I am a lonely actress and it is partially by choice. I am always told I have a stellar personality and that I am funny, kind, "crazy", attractive...but yeah... let's be real: we all have things we need to work on in ourselves. 

You know why I am bringing this up, of course. Valentine’s Day is coming up. SIDE BAR: Did you know that I never heard of the term “Single’s Day Awareness” until this year?? I am serious. Okay…back to the blog. So I am finding that the more I am focus on my career, the less I am becoming overwhelmed with the thoughts of love and a relationship. It is all kind of new to me. Just focusing singularly on my goals rather than being in a relationship and trying to blend the two worlds and paths together. I am still getting used to it but needless to say…this is a pretty tough week for me.

Emotionally, I am on a “high-low”: I just wrapped production on a major new project that I am totally elated about, I have my first regional professional theatre production about to go up in less than a month, succeeding at work, family is doing good, I got my health, I am blessed… and yet I am experiencing all these HIGHs on my own. And don’t get me wrong, I am not pitying myself but just more “aware” this week that I have been trucking along perfectly FINE alone. And to be honest, I never thought I could be this strong…on my own. I mean it is nothing to take myself out…nice dinner, wine, whatever...  Sounds strange but it is the honest truth. On the flipside, the low is the desire of passion and companionship. And because I have had my fair share of strong dedicated relationships, I am not trying to JUMP into just anything anymore. I am learning what wrongs to "right" and whatnot. I am taking more time to feel things out…to learn more about what I truly want, desire, and…deserve. It’s like…taking a personal inventory.
God knows how oddly dependent I used to be on the “companionship” of a significant other and now I have had to find that dependence in myself and in Him. I guess what I am trying to tell you…my fellow artists is that sometimes people can be in the way of you finding your true potential. Do a personal inventory list on yourself. Take a little time to be alone…it is AMAZING what you will discover.


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Monday, February 2, 2015

Life is Like...(3)

February 3, 2015

Life is like a ‘Sweet Tart’…

Self explanatory.



February 2, 2015- Fear.

Let’s be cliché and name some of the quotes and artists that have spoken against the bounds of fear:

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.- Franklin D. Roosevelt

The mark of fear is not easily removed.- Ernest Gaines

Don't let the fear of striking out hold you back.- Babe Ruth

Even the word of the Lord says ‘we are not given the spirit of fear’. But let’s look at the power of fear, for one moment. Granted when you think of power, you think of control and possession and automatically fear is a negative. But oh contraire, fear is a tool of master manipulation and if executed properly can be quite the motivator.

The other evening I was watching a commentary on the new series Empire starring Terrance Howard and Taraji P. Henson and Taraji said something that was so striking. She said “…this is how I pick my roles. If it doesn’t scare the hell out of me, I don’t do them.” Hmmm, right? Compelling and right on! I think we all get to a point when we want and like to play it “safe”. Don’t offend people or over challenge ourselves. We get used to not scaring ourselves into greater things.

Fear and being scared are one in the same. They both ignite heighten moods, increased swings of anxiety, nausea—I can go on and on. Am I right? But let’s look at that anxiety as …a push.

I am petrified to put myself too far out there as a performer because what happens if I am a not as good as I think I am? Or as skilled as I thought I was trained to be? What if all of my rejections were “the universe” telling me that this is NOT what I am supposed to be doing?! What if!?

Lord, look at the “power” of Fear! What I am learning to fear is not the possibility of failure but the regret of not seeking out another opportunity. Instead of letting fear keep you away from standing…let it scare you away from sitting. Literally, ‘flip the script’ on fear.


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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Life is Like... (2)

January 30, 2015- Life is Like…(2)

Life is like a traffic light…no matter how fast or slow you want to truck along, it will always regulate the flow. Primarily for safety, but for the most part don’t we ALL get frustrated with traffic signals? I mean when you are getting “green” after “green”, things are great but red lights are the worst. And that is how life can be sometimes. Going good and smooth and then you start to get hit with every challenge and hurdle in the book. 

About two years ago, I read this book called Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and it’s All Small Stuff by Dr. Stephen Carlson and there is one particular chapter about “life is not an emergency”. Sometimes we just have to pace things out. Traffic lights are in place to keep us safe on the roads and provide a peace of mind. Life has natural stops and breaks to do the very same things.

Sure, the breaks may come at inopportune times…but rather than become angry or question them, simply revel in the moment. This is a huge lesson for me because I am 26 “going on 40” in my mind. I feel as though if I don’t move expeditiously to the next thing that I will miss out on something glorious. OR that I may die. "It is that kind of emergency." And moving with intent and urgency is not the same as moving as though you are in an ambulance.

Just learn to take your time. Assess every situation.


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