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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Supporting Others.

August 31, 2014- Supporting Others.

I wanted to take this blog and speak on how the soul benefits more from giving than receiving. Well at least to me. The past couple of days I have had the honor and pleasure to be the midst of some of the most realest, honest people who just so happen to be artists as well.  I thank God everyday for the people that come into my life---be it that they are there for a season or not. They are/were there for a reason. I have spent more time listening than I have in the longest and I must say I feel so full. Like completely satisfied because I was able to be there. Granted, just because someone confides in you doesn't mean you have to be there when things are bad…sometimes it is for a good cause or anything. One of my good actor friends is about to take a huge step forward in advancing her acting career and as I sat in the company of her friends and family at a gathering she planned, I felt so honored and blessed.

Not everything is about competition, some times people are put in your lives to make you stronger and better. And that is exactly why I cherish our friendship. Not only is she an amazing person, she is now someone I can admire and I wholeheartedly support and believe in.  We gotta start being there for one another. We are not meant to live and be a part of this world alone--- develop those relationships. Surround yourself with like-minded people.


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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Personal Accomplishment.

August 28th, 2014- Personal Accomplishment.

Personal Accomplishment.

Create Yourself a 'Goal Wall'
Sometimes you just have to give yourself a "pat on back". After you get out of grade school, the gold stars stop! Yeah you will hear "good job" or "well done" or whatever but soon that recognition will have to be something you give to yourself. And there is nothing wrong with that! I created a prayer wall or a goal wall with all the aspirations I desire to accomplish within the next year or so. As you see in the center is my faith. My rock, the foundation in which all things are possible. And around it are my goals. Some pertain to weight loss, personal marketing goals, actor status improvements, etc… but at least things are visual. And what is really great is that some of them are already marked off! I put a date on them when I complete a task or goal. Another fellow artist, LaKia Gordon, inspired me to create the wall. 

Do this for yourself. Don't just think about your goals, SEE your goals. Envision you reaching that finish line. I was talking with someone the other evening about being an "over-visionary" . An over-visionary is someone that sees so far in the future that they forget to live in the moment. Don't let moments escape your hours…you need them. They build memories and strength. So rather than wanting to rush to accomplish these goals, take time on the journey. 


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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


August 27th, 2014- Write. 


Sometimes don't you just want to get something out of your system, but it may not be the right thing to say "out loud" or to someone? Yes, I am sure we have all been to that point. That is why you must invest in a journal. A tape recorder or whatever…someway to vent and let out all of the negative or even positive energy you exude. In this particular instance, I am talking about writing. It is interesting how taking the time to write something out can allow for you to filter through your thoughts. It can help deescalate a situation or help you put things into perspective.I have seen people jot down ideas and the next thing you know they are full-blown novels or songs talking about the human experience or anything about social relevance. 
"Don't limit your creativity to the confines of your mind. "- Brittney S. Harris
Let it out. Even though I am a performer, one of the first lessons I was taught was to write. As artists, we have over 100 thoughts that can pass through our minds during any given day-- ideas, goals, etc. Write them down. Reflect. The best thing is going back to read what you wrote a year from now or even months from now and see that you have accomplished a goal that you set out there. Or to see that you have survived a particular situation. 

Try writing. If you ever feel blocked or trapped or lost…write about it. You don't necessarily have to share it with anyone but let that be a private moment for yourself.


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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Experience: PRECINCT 757

August 26, 2014- My Experience: Precinct 757

So no blog today…I decided to reflect on my experience working on Precinct 757. 

Precinct 757

Created from the minds of FulCamp Productions, Precinct 757 is about a special unit of detectives and street cops are tasked with chasing down Hampton Roads worst criminals. They face challenges from the streets and each other while getting the job done. 
"When I first heard about this new cop drama pilot being filmed in Hampton Roads, I was elated. I thought to myself, it is about time that something daring it coming to the area. Ofc. Britton is the type of character that I wish I could be in real life. Witty, sharp, tough…but has a lot of spirit and fire. Her character arc will really show through during season 2 and I am looking forward to the push."

Actress Brittney S. Harris (Britton)
and  Actor Lamonte Mills (Boston)
After auditioning and casting,  I was selected to play the edgy, smart-aleck  Officer LaTia Britton. Who is a bad ass, in her own mind, but just seen as a loud mouth rookie cop to everyone else. Along with other very talented actors such as Robert Shepard and LaMonte Mills, Precinct is a strong ensemble piece of entertainment. 

Check out Precinct 757 Episode 104- Boxed IN

See and learn more about Precinct 757

Official Website: http://www.precinct757.com


Monday, August 25, 2014


August 25, 2014- Fight.

          I am convinced that we are all fighting the wrong battles in our lives at some point. I think there is our true path and then there is the path that we create. Rather than just being open and "listening" to what is front of us, we try and create something else. It's confusing, right? Yeah… and maybe I am not speaking for everyone when I say this but: Life can be confusing. I talked about simplicity yesterday. Being simple seems like it would be so easy, doesn't it? Just going with the "flow" of things and not having much of a distinct say so. Nevertheless, I think it comes to a point when you realize that you have been on the wrong path the entire time and now you have to work EVEN HARDER to get back on your "true" path. And with that…comes a fight. You have to get out of your conform zone and fight for what you feel is right. Or for what IS right. But how do you know? If it is worth it? Worth the fight?

Ask yourself this: What are you losing without it? I know for a fact when I am not Acting, taking a class, or involved in performing in ANY way, I feel empty. Worthless, just like a "bump on a log". And then I am not very fun to be around, either. I am a drag, hence why I am such a private person. I sit on my emotions a lot. But I am learning to fight that. To fight being so closed off and I am learning to fight the urge…to push away. (That is a conversation for another day :) )  But I will say that if you won't fight for something, no one will do it for you. Right now, I am fighting something called "fear". Fear can be a very powerful thing…if you give it the chance.  I ran away from so many opportunities because of it. Why? Because I didn't think I could hold up to the challenge or expectation or I didn't think I was good enough…or…. no matter what it is, FEAR should never be a determining factor in your decision. Don't get me wrong, you should always proceed things with caution and be wise but…you have to put yourself out there. 

I will be branding myself in a new market very soon and I am petrified… mainly because this time I think it could actually work out. I am more confident in my abilities than I have been in a while. I think I have an intriguing look for this growing market and honestly, I believe my personality will sell and speak for itself! 


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Sunday, August 24, 2014


August 24, 2014- Simple.

Simplicity, to me, is one of the things that I try my best as an Artist to stay away from. I don't want to be simple or basic, I want to be bold and different. Let's make that statement out loud! I think that so many people try and conform and we forget that we are called "individuals". You know? After filming this weekend, I see that my flaws are that I take a script and go straight to the basics. Mainly because I was given the script about 2 days prior to filming but moreso I had to take this script and GO somewhere. I go through a process called "scoring". It is when you breakdown all the elements of a script. Granted it is FAR much easier to do so with a play script than a film script, it is beneficial to do it for both. 

While breaking down the script, you mainly are trying to assess your character and piece from multiple angles. Sure you can do the who, what, when, where, and why?---but this is to provide clarification and assist you in development. The script I was working with was part of a  bigger script that I was not given because of confidentiality. Which is normal, for the most part. But trying to "use" the elements to create and understand my character, who was an abused abductee, was a little difficult. But nevertheless, I made it work. I used the elements presented to me and the setting and I went for it. But for myself, I wish I would have went less basic and just outside of the box… it's just the "hindsight thing" that all artists do. 

And with life, that is not the "hindsight" epiphany I want to have. Sometimes as a person you have to learn to push yourself even more than what is on the surface. 

Funny, on the flip side of things, when it comes to my personal life I am the complete opposite. I love for things to be simple. Simple "Girl Meets Boy", Simple Best Friends…nothing immensely complicated. And that is how it should be… for the most part. But we all know what simplicity brings: boredom, curiosity, discernment, and I could go on and on. Which leads me back to that word "balance". Finding a balance between in your lives. I have actually had a counselor friend refer to it as "a healthy work/life balance". You have to take care of yourself on both ends. So something that may benefit you career wise may not be best for your personal life.  Simplicity may work in one way here, but not in the other there. And when the two cross paths…they collide! Boom! lol… But you get the point. 


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Friday, August 22, 2014


August 22nd, 2014- Listen.

Going after the prize… I love this. After breaking down this script…scoring and developing my character…I have had a personal breakthrough. 

"Sometimes you just have to follow your gut, no matter how much logic tries to pull you in the opposite direction. Don't be so desperate for something or someone…if you know that you are not thinking of yourself first. It's okay to be selfish when it comes down to YOUR destiny."

On the road soon...wish me safe travels and blessings. (smiles)


Thursday, August 21, 2014


August 21, 2014- Waiting.

The waiting game. Is it just me or does it feel like the older we get, the more we wait on things? I mean think about when you were a kid, you asked and basically…in the blink of an eye…get what you want. Like *finger snap* but the truth is… that is the most jacked up sense of reality that one could ever perceive. (laughs) But I am serious.

Not only do you wait in traffic constantly throughout the day or waiting on an appointment or whatever…. with any artist we are waiting, yearning for that next opportunity to fall into our laps. The waiting game for an actor is like frickin’ pulling teeth. Not only are you waiting for your next audition opportunity but even AFTER you get the audition, you have to wait on casting. And that’s when all the questions pop into your head: Could I have done it like this? Or that? Can you believe that is how I ended that monologue? I don’t really even sound like that. Could the reader be anymore bland? Give me something back! We all know the feeling…
And the sad part is…we sometimes never hear anything back. I mean at least with a normal job interview you can get a nice little call from HR letting you know that you have been selected or not selected for the position. However in the acting arena….nada. Nothing. Needless to say, being an Artist is about mastering the craft of PATIENCE. Even if you are spiritual or not, there is a time for everything in this universe. I have been going towards becoming a Professional Actor for about 10 years now. Professional meaning having constant bookings, higher pay, and developing a certain level of “status”. The status part is what I am working on the most. The thing is you have to learn not to be your biggest obstacle. I am still where I am...by choice. I made the choice to seek out one way or I have made the choice to seek it out another way…either way was my choice. But now that I am finally coming to a realization about…choices and will…I am ready for things to take off! WHY? Because I am FINALLY ready for it!

I have to often tell myself…. “Self, just because you want something right now doesn't mean you are ready for it.”  Discouraging?? Hmm…a little but…. There is a great scripture that speaks on this:
Galatians 6:9-  Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up (NIV)
And this can be applied to anyone …if you choose not to grow tired of the struggle, it will pay off in the end. So…enjoy the wait. It may be worth your while.


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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


August 20th, 2014- Duality.

Hmm…get some rest. Rest? Sleep? What is this “sleep” you speak of? But yes, the life of an Artist can be one of the most rewarding career paths to flow into. Not only are you challenging yourself creatively, you are able to thrive aesthetically as well. But we are always going! Going, going, going…. We find the “art” in everything. And that sometimes leads to your mind and body constantly running and going at like…. 120 mph! Come on, you know it is true.

So word to the wise: REST. Sleep, especially those who are dealing with the duality of “jobs”. Having your 9 to 5 and then getting off to do what you truly love to do. It’s funny, I can recall someone telling me that it is impossible to love what you do and make a living from doing it? Why that may be true for the “simple minded”, it is not for me. See, he was a Realist. And I am what you call a ‘Realistic Artist’. I be damned if I will involve myself in any job or anything that doesn’t have a higher meaning or purpose behind it. I understand that bills must be paid and all that, but there is nothing wrong in finding something that pleases both.

Right now, my bipolar life consists of Non-Profit work and Performance. Literally, I worked with young women everyday on bridging the gap between creativity and self-esteem. How freakin’ awesome is that???  Granted, my “day job” does require a lot out of me…and leaves me sort of drained when it comes to working on the acting side of things…but at least I know I am touching someone’s life. Being an influence, a role model. Goal-setter. You know?

But how can I be beneficial to anyone if I am not well-rested and charged? Hence, finding a balance. Finding healthy ways to balance your duality until you don’t have to deal with both.  And if you do…it would be by choice.

Tips to Balancing Your Duality:
  1. Always keep the "Big Picture" in mind.
  2. Drink Plenty of Water.
  3. Eat something at least every two hours…yes.
  4. Fruits, Nuts, and Veggies should become your best friend.
  5. Laugh at least 20 times a day
  6. Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people
  7. Take a little time for yourself. Yes, just you.
  8. Thank God for the abilities you were given and the opportunities you are destiny to find.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014


August 19th, 2014- Crowded.

Don't ever apologize for being yourself. Those who know you and your worth will learn to appreciate you for you…flaws and all. Sometimes as nuts as you may feel or as wrong as you may feel… you are still worth it. These blogs have been the most wonderful reflections for me lately.

The things in life what challenge or hurt us were put there for a reason…everything happens for a reason. Don't let the bad stand in front of your blessings. I am speaking from a personal standpoint on this one.

Sometimes it is okay to be scared… fear can be the greatest catalyst of them all.  Fear is what drives me every day to go after my Acting career. What's there to fear? The fear is someone taking my spot or opportunity because I was too "scared" to go after it in the first place. With so much going on in the world today, we must be able to be upfront and honest with each other and ourselves. I am learning that day by day…in my industry of film/television with so much dramatization….you can't seem to delineate between what is fact or fiction, real or fake. So what you must do… is take each day with a grain of salt and grow from it. I am not perfect. Those around you won't be either. I am writing this because I have been really hard on myself lately. Rejections, not getting casted, losing a friendship, all of those things are there to make you stronger. Yes, that is what I said…STRONGER. It is not meant to break you but to help you learn.

Recently, I had new people enter my life and put that in prospective for me. And every day I overcome my adversities. Actors and Artists are real people too. I think that is why I started sharing these blogs .And I can see what my flaws can do…it pushes people away, it crowds you in a vast of sadness and doubt. Gross, right? And with all that's going on…all the wonderful qualities about you seems to just disappear. But you are there. Still underneath it all. Well, don't push away your blessings. Just be you. And pray and hope that you are accepted for that. And if not, well there are at least two others…that will. You and the One Up Above.


Monday, August 18, 2014


August 18, 2014- Concited.

It's amazing how swiftly things can change. Sometimes when you are just open...and listen you will start to see your paths illuminate.

Usually I don't write posts like this--but I feel like it's something that needed to be said to myself and...it may be for someone to hear. (Another fellow actress told me the same thing a couple of weeks ago...)

Sometimes you may think that what you want is the best thing---a career choice or a relationship or whatever, but indeed if it truly doesn't benefit your soul, it will not prosper. After last week, a rather interesting week of twists and eyeopeners, I am realizing that there were things on my path that I didn't necessarily agree with or want but it was there because I needed it. Also, they were things there because I wanted them to be and it was time to let it go.

Point Blank: Don't lose your soul (mind, memory, and affections) over things...  For what would it profit [you] to gain this whole world and lose your soul while doing so?-- T.D. Jakes, Mark 8:36.

Be true to yourself and open and listen. Sometimes being led is better than going on your own beat and path.

So needless to say, I am declaring that I won't take the new as something wrong. And I won't take something wrong as a testament that something needs to change. You would think that is normal, right? No. See to me, I thought taking on something new was a challenge or a test to see...to see if I could try and JUST be happy and content with what I have and not seek out more. But...sometimes the opportunity just falls into your laps, 'y'all. AND THE BEST PART, you weren't even expecting it. At all.

This career path of an actor has to be one of the most "concited" paths that any person could ever choose. Yes, I said "CONCITED", not conceited.. Have you ever been so excited about how the way things are moving and shifting in your life, but just are as confused as to how it will end up or what is "exactly" going to happen?? See that is being concited. (smiles)

Like I mentioned I wrote this for myself but mainly for anyone that wonders the "WHYs" and the "HOWs" like I do.


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