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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Life is Like... (1)

January 29, 2015- Life is Like… (1)

So let’s start by saying that my favorite movie of all-time is Forrest Gump. For many reasons; however, for some reason this morning I woke up and… all I could think about was the saying “Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get”. True.  So then I started going on this wild tangents and create a bunch of “analogies” that could fit the famous phrase.

So life is like a bag of assorted nuts…and I am allergic. I feel as though no matter what I draw from the “bag of life” some days my body just rejects it. Like an allergic reaction. My hope and perseverance is Benadryl but of course there are side effects. When you are driven and persevere along…you sometimes burn out. Get drowsy and tired…just like with Benadryl. So what advice do you give to someone who is allergic to nuts BESIDES not eating them? 

Find an alternative. A substitute. If what you are going after is burning you out or is harmful, seek out an alternative. No need to constantly put yourself out there only to crash and burn…seek out another option.

I know you were wondering where that was going. LOL. I am telling you lately I have been on the brink of just crashing…mentally I am living in multiple sections that aren’t blending together at all and it is because of the nature of the work I am involved in. I HAVE NEVER been the person to over or double book myself but now…I have no choice. And this is the first time in a while…that I am living the life of a “true working actor”. 


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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I wrote this blog a couple of weeks ago…and I have now decided to post it.

January 16, 2015-Tunnel.

I have the luxury of passing through tunnels on a daily basis. What is truly fascinating about tunnels is that…it is a contraption that can literally span across bodies of water connecting it to land. So in essence, if you think of the paths you are traveling on in life as tunnels CONNECTING you from one point to the other then you will not see your life as a waste of energy or time. 

I am not sure if everything is just starting to make sense or I am just coming into terms with accepting myself where I am in life but I am really enjoying myself right now. I love how much time it is taking between two points. The tracks and distance…and the people I am meeting. Today I had a conversation with a male friend of mine that has been in my life for years! Years! And I never knew how much of a humanitarian or visionary he is. And now I am thinking about ways for us to collaborate to challenge and prevent childhood imagination deprivation. I am completely mind blown and yet…maybe years ago I was so caught up on my own paths and way that I did let anybody “cut in”. And shit…the people I did let come in threw me WWAAAYYY off kilter, but that is not the point.

My point is don’t get slowed down because of the traffic in the tunnel… every inch you move is further than where you were. Now speaking as someone with TERRIBLE, I mean HORRIBLE road rage this is somewhat of a revelation to me. I am the “anxious” type. Always looking for what is next…but patience is importance here. You have to take your time and take the drive.


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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


January 20, 2015- Control.

So busy….so little time to sit and write down a little something but here we go. Don't let the enemy win. Yes, in the midst of my very busy schedule lately I ALWAYS find time for me and God to connect and reflect. I have to. It is a part of me that I have learned to compromise about. The compromise meaning to slow down and allow yourself to be calm. 

So on Sunday I came across a scripture that really resonated with my spirit and the overall message was "Deliverance means that you now control what used to control you." Phew. That is very powerful to take with you. I may do a two part on this very message but overall it is about letting the enemy know that you are NO longer submitting to the hand of their power. And the enemy can be different for everyone. Could be an addiction, a person, even your old self and ways. You are never going to be entirely free from problems. But you must learn to control the problem…not let it control you.

Mark 2:1-12


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Monday, January 12, 2015

I'm Listening.

January 12, 2015- I'm Listening.

So am I listening to the voices in my head or listening FOR a voice in my head? Oh come on, we have all been at a point in our lives that we are waiting and hoping for an answer. And we are looking for it everywhere. In song lyrics, random billboards, "subliminal messaging" in commercials (shrugs) but we are seeking out the answers to some of our greatest dilemmas. Right now, I am so keen on making sure that I am seeking and following God's Will instead of my own. Believe me, I have led many years of going after things MY way and let's just say I have only ended up in circles. Circles that sometimes take a while to come back to full circles but when it does….BAM! everything is all hindsight and I am just miserable.  

In the past week, I have met some of the most interesting and artistically passionate people in my life. And I am serious, how our paths crossed were completely random. One night I was just grabbing a bite after work, next thing you know I am sitting next to a Boston Conservatory graduate who's determined to open her own non-profit for underprivileged kids to teach them how to read and comprehend music!? A few days after that I was out shopping for props for a project I am working on and I cross paths with a woman who is utterly in love with costume designing and theater! And we between the two women I met, we have over 30 friends in common! Just when I was thinking that I losing my itch…my spark…I was fed with the love of the arts.

What am I getting at? So every morning as I head into work I have to pass through a tunnel. I use the tunnel as my start and end point to my day. As I pass through the threshold of the tunnel, either my day is beginning or ending and I thank God for watching and guiding me on a safe and clear path. And…tears are starting to come to my eyes.  And let's just say my heart is definitely torn. Just like the good book says "one cannot serve two masters"… right now I am starting to believe that one cannot seek two passions. (sighs) 

SIDE BAR: Last week at work,  I was playing a game with my teens called "Choices". Basically, it is a game that encourages freedom of expression and opinions. There are bunch of cards in a jar with comparisons on them. One person at a time draws a card and reads aloud the comparison. And then surveys from the room for their opinions. So…it was my first time playing the game. As I reached inside of the jar, I playfully swished my hand around and I pulled out a card… and the picture below is the card I chose….NO LIE. Interesting….

So I am just listening now. Seeking out the answers as they come before me.


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Monday, January 5, 2015

Starting Off Right.

January 5, 2014- Starting Off Right.

I love seeing twitter and FB full of everyone's New Years Resolutions! Shoot even the people that want to be rebellious and exclaim " I don't believe in resolutions" and blah. To be honest,  I love seeing people care about themselves rather than what anyone and everyone else is saying about them. This is actually the only time during the year that I don't mind seeing people be self-absorbed. LOL. No I am serious. You have to start the year off right! Start off your year with a goal in mind and try your best to attain it.

 I was speaking to my good friend Stephani today and we were talking about vision walls. Remember I shared mine with you all about a few months back, but nevertheless, I was telling her that waking up and seeing what you want to accomplish on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis allows you to develop a sense of ownership. It's like "holding yourself accountable" and letting YOU be the person you must answer to if you fall short of your goals. And trust me…Brittney is one tough cookie! 

A trick for starting and finishing things is giving yourself  a deadline. I don't know about you, but when I was in college I worked BEST under pressure. Now don't get me wrong I hate to be last minute but I like the rush and the jolt of energy that would fill my veins when I was on a tight deadline of a day or two. On another side note, I do my best thinking at night. YEP, I am a night owl. Allllllwaaaayyyss have been. So nevertheless, set yourself on a timeline. Give yourself a certain date to be completed by. You'd be surprised how bad it feels to let yourself down…more than anyone. 


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Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015: Success.

January 3, 2015- Success.

This principle has taken me a while to write. Mainly because finding the words to define what "success" means is difficult. It is subjective just like most concepts and ideals. To me, success is finding joy and independence within the given circumstances I have placed upon myself. I am very goal-oriented. I keep and make "to-do" list all day long. And it brings me such reverence when I actually CHECK one off! Phew! So knowing that within the confines of 2015 I am determined to find the joy in all that I do and establish a strong sense of independence…at the end of the year I will be able to check off my list of expectations 'SUCCESS' because I achieved my goals.

I can't lie. Emotionally the year has started off "interesting" to say the least. The people I wanted to carry with me into the new year are by my side. Work is going to be more challenging than I ever imagined and going off towards my Masters is going to be even more challenging but that is what feeds my soul. A challenge. I love a challenge; I love setting goals and measures and calculating out how I will accomplish and work through them. It is all so intriguing to me.

So going into 2015 I will keep my head up, my heart strong, and my mind clear. I thank you Father God for allowing me to see another year under Your grace. I thank you for all that I have endured and learned. I thank you for the goals I will meet and the people who will grace my paths. I thank you for the clarity and peace of mind you have allow me to explore over the past year…being alone with you has been such a deliverance. I thank you for all the artists in my circle, for my family and friends. I thank you for the success of all the projects I am involved in and the people in them. I thank you for…never giving up on me and always believing in me. I thank you Lord. 

In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.