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Monday, April 27, 2015

The Facts.

April 27, 2015- The Facts.

What do the facts say about you? Who are you “on paper”? When somebody takes one look at you, what can they immediately point out? What are the little things about you that people usually make judgments about? I am asking these questions because we as people are so obsessed with the facts: the proof, the information, the data. We are more concerned on trying to discredit a source rather than taking it at face value.
The facts, themselves, don’t mean very much to me anymore. Actually, the facts are not in my favor most of the time. But you know what is? Faith. Where facts lack, my faith makes up for it. There are many times when the odds are not in our favor. When we know we aren’t necessarily qualified for something or we are up competing against someone who is deemed stronger and wiser. Right? But we still go after it anyways because of the faith in ourselves. That is something to be proud about. And forget the facts! The facts are nothing more than indicators trying to regulate a systematic view. BOOM! I know that sounds really pretentions but to be honest, I really don’t care. Every day we all try to defeat the odds: reject the facts and “realities” of our world.

As an actress and a woman—hell as a black female artist, I have SO MANY “facts” and statistics that go against my chances of ever being a professional working actor. When you look at the grand picture, it would make the weak go underneath a rock and wept. But that is not me. I have too much FAITH in my abilities and so should you. The only odd that is in your way is yourself…if you let it be.


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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


April 22, 2015- Draft.

So apparently we have all been on the editing table for quite some time. Well…I am speaking for myself. I am pretty certain that is my 100th rough draft of me. You know…a draft? Something that is not quite ready to be “published” or “submitted” but you are being edited to be just right?  That is a daunting thought, isn’t it? But in a weird way, it is also refreshing. You are still being edited.

So don’t be so hard on yourself…just keep proofreading.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

For the Greater Good...

April 20, 2015- For the Greater Good…

No, I am not about to go all “Miss America” on you, but I wanted to share with you about an opportunity I was given a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes you never know who you are going to meet and when you are going to meet them. Even when you are not out advocating for yourself, your abilities and your skills are speaking for themselves. And in my case, an incredibly talented friend of mine was speaking on my behalf.

As I have shared with you, I am an avid supporter of the arts and my humanitarian efforts are through working with youth and non-profits to promote healthy growth and stimulation through cultural development and enrichment. A.K.A “I still believe in the power of imagination”. Nevertheless, I have never been one to hide my passion for both performance and teaching. EVER. And a fellow artist recommended me to a woman whose passions are directly in alignment with my own. Her name is Nicole “Coley Cole” Wigfall and her journey as both a model and role model is simply inspiring. Her workshop is called the 3M Project: Modeling, Motivating, and Mentoring. AMAZING, right? Well…how did the two of us cross paths?? Well as she has been conducting her workshops, Nicole has mentored numerous amounts of individuals that have a desire to go into the field of Acting. Although, modeling and acting have many similarities she wanted someone with a certain level of expertise to come to speak at one of her workshops.

NOW MIND YOU, I by no means am an expert in my field; however, I do have extensive knowledge in how to get things started. And haven’t we all been in that place? When we just want to get into something new, but we don’t know how or where to start? So when our mutual friend, Ms. Carrie King, referred us to each other—it was like fireworks! Not only are we artists, we are both women of faith. Such a blessing! So I prepared a packet for each of the participants on “How to Get Started in Acting 101”. And it was a success! Talking about headshot selections, monologues, what not to do in an audition, having an agent vs not having an agent…I can go on and on and it was great to see these people coming out to a seminar just to grasp a little bit of knowledge.

But of course, you get presented with something like this:  “if you know so much, why are you still here?”  And I just smiled and said “because I am choosing to be here. Just like you: once you have this knowledge, it is UP TO YOU to choose what to do with it.”  And that was that. I don’t need to explain myself to anyone. Truth be told, I could pose the same question back to them: if you feel like you have been destined your WHOLE life to do this [act or model] then why has it taken you until NOW to start your process? Hmm?.....Right.

But I chose not to take that approach and rather than be defensive, I remained supportive. I allowed my heart and desire to help people take over my tongue and just continued to provide information and knowledge. And I felt truly good about it. I apperceived I was serving a higher and greater good and purpose.


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Friday, April 17, 2015

27: Work

April 17, 2015-27: Work.

Can’t stop, won’t stop eh, eh, eh….did you get the reference? Probably not and that is fine. But that is the truth: don’t stop whatever you are doing. I am an extremely hard worker. I work so hard that in fact, I tend forget about taking care of myself in the process. I am working on it… But it comes to a point when you would like to see the fruits of your work. What am I doing all of this for? It can’t be just for the money or in an Artists mindset, for the fame. What is it for? Who is it for?

I am trying to learn to work hard for myself. I don’t want to let me down, so I push myself even harder. SIDE BAR: Recently, someone told me that I am too hard on myself. Phew…just thinking about that brings tears to my eyes, but it is the truth. I believe I do have my moments and times when I am too hard on myself. I don’t give myself a break. Just rest on my laurels, right??… I came across this quote a couple months ago and it has really stuck with me:

Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.- Stephen King

Go on ‘head, Mr. King. That is a powerful quote…


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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

27: Stalled

April 15, 2015- 27: Stalled

Waking up nowadays is so much easier than it was a year or so ago. Why? Because I am taking and treating each day like its purpose is detrimental to life itself. I am learning to live each day with the thoughts of inspiring others. I have to admit something to you: I have never believed in myself as much as I do now. Why? Because things are on the up? NO. Because things couldn't be more out of whack and I still living each day with vigor. What happens to someone who hits the bottom? They stall. Like when a car stalls or like placing an animal in a stall. It hinders them from growth and from moving forward. And let's specify that the bottom for YOU may not be the "bottom" for everyone else. 
I have stalled myself for years. I get asked all the time: Why are you still in Virginia? Why haven't you moved to better market for your acting? Why not? What's here? And for years I would make up excuses…until I sat back and really evaluated why the hell I am still here. It is by choice. A choice that I was making for myself without even considering me or the circumstances or even…God's will. I would fight every blessing that would fall into my lap. Why? Because I thought I wasn't ready! It's a powerful thing to be in tuned with yourself so much but damn---when you start blocking out the good because you are in your head….it's like a cage.

I hate to say this but it took my heartache, my drive, my tears, and rejection for Brittney to find her place within herself. And I am finally ready. Ready for what? Only God knows and I will stop at nothing to follow this path to my next destination. The next big rolethe next program I get to create or speak at. So to my fellow artists and readers, do yourself a favor: quit stalling and rev up your engine!


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Monday, April 13, 2015


April 13, 2015-Drop.

It’s time for us to “drop the act” and just be ourselves. I know for the past couple of blogs I have been driving this point home and it is because I am tired of seeing people make excuses for themselves.  I find myself if I am dating someone or hanging out with some friends that I say the words “sorry” all of the damn time! Why?! Why should I apologize for just being me? Simple test: check yourself every time you say “sorry”. You will be so surprised how much we say it.

It is time to drop that shit. Excuse my language but come on people! We are all getting older and we need to start surrounding ourselves with the people who will be riding on our journeys with us. Not the fly bys or “leaves of the changing seasons”, but the people you want to look back on and see the lineage and the growth with. And if there aren't any right now then that is fine.

Drop the bad habits: if you don’t want things to go one way then figure out how to have it go another way!  If someone doesn’t treat you right or treat you how you deserve to be treated---drop that s**t! I am so serious! If your career isn’t progressing along the way you want or you keep getting rejected, then change up your process and DROP the old way!

That is the approach I had to take and believe me, it is finally taking off and working. I dropped a lot of people and things I didn’t necessarily need and keep it moving. Sounds harsh but the truth of the matter is: Life waits for no one. You get up every day, so please make something out of it. I found myself harping on the things I have done in the past. It was like a horror movie playing over and over again on repeat. And every night and every morning I would look into the mirror and just see pain. I would see the pain. I would see an ordinary person with drive and hurt behind their eyes. And I got tired of seeing that. I had to accept that we all make mistakes. We drive people out, we hurt people, we miss out on great opportunities—shoot we even hurt ourselves but we have to learn to DROP the past and PICK UP yourself for the future.

Some people call it “righting your wrongs”…I just call it “living”. Believe me, if I could apologize and take back all the hurtful things I have done to myself and to others I would…but you must learn to forgive yourself. You can’t speak for no one else but yourself.


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Thursday, April 9, 2015


April 9, 2015- Flaws.

It has been a while! Well so much has happened over the course of just a few weeks that I have been trying to catch my head from spinning off! Nevertheless, let's talk about... flaws. What are flaws? You would think that it is a simple question and answer but not really.  Your flaws may not be the flaws, at all. As Artists, we can sometimes take our flaws and "masks" them. Reshape them. And that applies to internal and external things to fix. I never been one to dance around a subject and I am not about to now but I have a lot of emotional flaws. Some, in which, I thought only effected me…but have affected those around me. Family, friends, etc. And over the course of the past few weeks, I have had a lot to consider when it comes to my future. YES---I have so much to share about my journey but this is neither the time or place yet. I needed to write this passage because…I want to know if any artist can relate to the feelings I am feeling. 

When you can be at your happiest and still---still see the flaws. It is not healthy. So to that, I suggest one thing: pray. Even if you are not spiritual or "religious"---pray.  Allow sometime to yourself to heal and process. Do not consume yourself with the negative. Focus on yourself and just find your balance. I think that is why I feel so off because I have not been able to do that fully. I haven't taken very much time for 'Brittney' and I felt…off. I have been emotional and confused. Have you ever felt like that?? I am sure you have. Find your balance, refocus your universe, and try to move forward. Whatever is array---try your best to fix it. Either with yourself or a situation. Mend it and move forward. 

Pray….prayer and time heals everything.