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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Working Actor: Set Life.

May 28, 2015- Set Life.

I usually don't blog about my gigs or being on set too much. And to be honest, I don't know why. I think I am so used to using my blog as a motivational point that I forget to give myself self-praise or celebrate successes. And there is nothing wrong with patting yourself on the back.

I am very blessed to have a balance between being a full-time grinding actor and working a full-time job. Mind you, like I mentioned before, I look forward to the day when there isn't a division between the two. But for now I am thoroughly enjoying myself and highly grateful. Set life and being a working actor are so rewarding. Not because of the payoff in the end but what you experience on set. The people you meet, the conversations you have. Watching professionals create a set from scratch: the lighting, the props, etc. It is pretty awesome.

My latest gig was for a car commercial. They are so much fun to do! It's May and the weather was beautiful and I got to be truly in my element. Set life: no matter how many gigs you have had or how many sets you have been on,  it all comes down to one thing: Etiquette.  Etiquette gets you hired again. Etiquette builds rapport. Etiquette sets you apart from the rest. Truthfully, it identifies the amateurs from the professionals. When you hear "QUIET ON SET" or "TALENT TO PLACES" anything coming from someone of authority, you respect the command and go forth. I am telling you so many performers get this wrong and wonder why they are not getting booked for more gigs. Or "being on time": let's be real- if you are ON TIME, you are technically late.

Now I am not, by any means, an expert or anything like that, but I guess I am just pointing out the DOs and DONTs and the guidelines to being a working actor. It is not "social hour" when we get to set. We should be in our scripts or paying close attention to our assigned P.A. (Production Assistant) so we won't miss a beat. Over the years, you will learn that each set is run differently but the same rules of etiquette apply across the board. 

Now I am not saying that you should not have fun or be yourself but understand that 99% of these people have NO IDEA who you are. Especially if you are not doing local work. You are representing yourself and in most cases, your agency as well. I am going into detail about this because I think to some there is this misconception that acting or performing or in most cases anything dealing with the arts just is easy. Like you wake up, you do it, you get paid or not, and that's it. HIGHLY NOT THE CASE. Our jobs and gigs are handled with as much integrity and diligence as if it were our '9 to 5s'.

Have you have met an actor? I didn't say a "celebrity", I said an actor? I am telling you the conversation will be like they have been running a marathon. We work and advocate and put ourselves out there so much…just to hopefully get a nibble. It is exhausting yet sooooo rewarding.

I respect my fellow artists for their hustle so much. Here is a video of me on set: This particular morning I was one of the leads for the shoot and I was able to document and bring my camera to set...well sort of ;) I got permission….


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Monday, May 18, 2015

Georgia On My Mind...

May 18, 2015- Georgia On My Mind…

"Georgia, Georgia
The whole day through 
Just an old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind..."

I can finally say it aloud! I have been accepted into the MASTER OF FINE ARTS IN ACTING program at the University of Georgia!! Praise Him!  I raise my hands to God and give Him the glory! Here's to all of the artists that didn't take NO for an answer! In the beginning of 2014, I was rejected from ALL 4 graduate schools auditioned for. It hurt so badly… I went through this phase when I was questioning my abilities and talent, but I literally turned to prayer. Somewhere deep inside I knew that I was supposed to be going after my Masters.

Through all of my adversities, I kept pressing forward. I stayed in the word and surrounded myself with people who believed in the beauty of Faith. People who believed in the unseen and what is inside. Next thing you know, it was November 2014 and it was that time again! Time to go out and audition again! Once again, putting yourself on a pedestal and hoping that these individuals can see your passion and your vision. That you are not just some OTHER actress but something more. Someone who is a visionary…someone who looks outside of the box because THERE IS NO BOX.

Auditioned for UGA in November 2014: my auditioning group were the first round of auditions for the new year. LET ME TELL YOU HOW HE WORKS: The University of Georgia ONLY recruits every 3 years! 3 YEARS! And they only accept 12 people per cohort and this is out of over 100 candidates being considered. From SETC and the URTAs… and I was in the first group they saw….PHHHEEEWWWWW! Praise Him!  And I believe those other doors didn't open because THIS is where I was supposed to go. I auditioned back in November and I heard on April 1st I was accepted into the department. And y'all know I thought it was an April Fool's Joke! (laughs) But indeed it was not.  Then I was officially accepted into the university on May 12th. Why am I telling you this whole story?? Because I need my fellow actors and actresses, my fellow artists to know that if you feel and KNOW something in your heart---go after it and don't stop until you get it! It won't be easy but He will give you the desires of your heart. 

Not only was I offered acceptance--- I was offered a WHOLE lot more. TRUST ME, GOD LISTENS! I take no credit for this…I am just using my skills and my faith to inspire others! Ask and you shall receive. I was offered a full tuition assistantship!! Praise Him!!!! That is what I am talking about. I cast my fears and doubts out and up in faith and out come the beauty of faith. Come on---I am COMPLETELY relocating. Uprooting from my comfort of good ol' Virginia and delving into school and being in the cusp of my target market: ATL. Sounds too good to be true?! It is not like ANY of this was handed to me or any of us who have been through the "ringer" over our careers. But I can't deny the favor that has been bestowed upon us. This is my testimony: the wayward daughter who found her faith in her Father, her craft, and most importantly--herself! 

And now I am on my way to "mastering" my craft. I will be refining my skills and will not be limited to just performance but creativity across many platforms! I realized that my technique is only going to grow and I will become an even better actress than I am now. So thank you so much to everyone who has been in my corner on my journey…who has shared my tears of frustration and fight. We did it and I can't wait to take Georgia by storm!!!!!!!!!!

University of Georgia, here I come!!!!!!!!


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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Too Much.

May 13, 2015- Too Much.

This is probably the most honest I have been on paper in a while. Yes, I am always being honest with you all….but this is me being truly transparent. I saw something the other day, a video, that truly inspired me. And I am usually the one who keeps quiet about stuff like this but…wow.

I watched a video of our First Lady Michelle Obama giving the commencement speech at Tuskegee University and Lord knows when to shine the right light on you: provide you with the words that can see you through to your next step and destination. Read this:

…And all of this [public slander] used to really get to me.  Back in those days I had a lot of sleepless nights worrying about what people thought of me…but eventually I realized that if I wanted to keep my sanity and not let others define me, there was only one thing I could do and that was to have faith in God’s plan for me. I had to ignore all of the noise and be true to myself and the rest would work itself out. So throughout this journey I have learned to block everything out and focus on my truths. I had to answer some basic questions for myself: who am I? No really, who am I? What do I care about? And the answers to those questions have resulted in the woman who stands before you today.
First Lady Michelle Obama

I, myself, have been labeled as “too loud” or “too emotional” or “too intimidating” or “too serious”--- just plain “too much”. And I used to really let it affect me, you know? Like I thought I wasn’t enough and NOW I am being told I am “too much” of something. And this is not particularly with men but also with friends and family members. I mean I have tough skin for days but those words really get underneath your skin. Like digging a hole and planting a seed. And if planted by the “right” person…can grow into a fruitful yet poisonous tree. Bearing the fruits of a broken spirit and…I am choosing not to tend those branches anymore.  We are not perfect. We have done things in the past that we cannot change. For those who still hold you accountable for those actions, they clearly haven't seen you for who you are now. People can change; both for the good and the bad. I had some necessary changes to make, believe me! If it wasn’t for my “too much” personality, I wouldn’t be able to write these words of encouragement to the next person.

I am a woman who is, first and foremost, a child of God and secondly…an artist.

First Lady Michelle Obama Full Commencement Speech at Tuskegee University:


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Monday, May 4, 2015


May 4, 2015- Safe.

Playing it safe. Never doing too much of a good thing but just enough. My question is: when does something become "risky"? I think that is up to a person's discretion. What may be simple and harmless to me may be completely "left field" to someone else. Right? So whatever it is that you choose to do, be sure to make it about yourself. Not others and their opinions. It is funny how one moment you can be feeling higher than high about some great news or an opportunity but that ONE person can come in and just….ruin it for you. And granted, no one person should ever have that type of effect on anyone but they do. They seem to find the negative in EVERYTHING. The "what if", the doubt, the wrong…do you ever think they sit back and realize what they are saying and implying is WRONG? Hmm? 

The very people who we trust the most, love ones and friends, unfortunately are the ones who can disappoint you the worst. And it is a lot harder to turn the other cheek towards someone that you love and value. So what can you do? Well, depending on your personality, you either went off on them, addressed the situation in a peaceful and diplomatic manner, or ignored it. (laughs) But seriously, what can you do? As artists, we are meant to express ourselves: visually, mentally, and emotionally through our craft. Prove them wrong. If they love you, show them how much you love what you do. Allow them to see how much joy it takes to go after what you do. It is not a guaranteed "fool proof" career choice as an artist. Granted nothing is EVER guaranteed but you get my point. Let them know how much this new opportunity and chance means to you. It can be a national tour or a screenwriting competition or submitting a demo you have been working on for months….Tell them this is a once in a lifetime possibility and you will stop at NOTHING to go after it.

I know what you are thinking: "why should it matter?? I don't have to prove anything to anybody!" And you are right. You are absolutely right. But look at it as an opportunity to expose another person and the world to the gift that you were given. And if they choose to accept it, great. If not…move on. But at least you tried, took the risk… and didn't play it safe.


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