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Friday, October 31, 2014


Phew!: A Reflection

Well I am rounding out another month.  By far, the most interesting month of the year. October 2014 will never be forgotten and now…on to the next one. November holds a lot of chips for me as an Actor and Humanitarian. I wish I could tell you more details but unfortunately I can't but…what I would really love is for your blessings and support. 

Every day I am learning that I am getting wiser by the minute… and just because you are wise does not mean that you are “smart”…( I think I am pretty smart ;) But moreso, being wise means being aware. Knowing what you want to go after and then GOING after it. What makes one smart is realizing your growth and potential.

My work-life situation is FINALLY at a balance. I am learning new and intriguing skills and techniques that will propel me in to the future. The future of what holds at the end of my academic journey as an Actor. I have many aspirations but one of the biggest ones is: Being a part of something bigger than myself. And my friends, the journey just truly kicked off. Not only am I facing my fears and anxiety and going after my academic dreams again, I have successful learned the skill of writing grants! Yes, I am officially a Grant Writer and not only that… I am pretty damn good at it! ;)

So I am looking forward to the day when I put my skills to good use towards my own organization and projects. So raise your glasses and salute! November 2014 will be just as good as October…and I looking forward to the outcomes!


Monday, October 27, 2014

The Wait.

October 27, 2014- The Wait.

This past weekend…what can I say other than I learned something rather interesting about myself. I am not afraid to feel what I want and need to feel. Sometime we spend so much time over analyzing things or even ourselves but the truth is we just need to accept things and people for who they are. 

 This weekend, I realized that I have been driven about and towards the wrong goals for a long time… and I believe that this epiphany is imperative to my growth as an Actor. I have standards. Personal standards, relationship standards…etc. and it is time to lay those down and not buckle. I had the privilege of seeing one of my good friends get married this weekend. Phew, and am I a hopeless romantic or what? I am telling you…I was bawling my eyes out. And not only at the sight of seeing her so damn happy, but at the simple fact that I can say I want that.

So can an artist be in love with their craft and be in love? Can it be done? I think it can but it will take the right type of person and I have to be in the right state of mind and reason to receive it. I guess what I am trying to say is…for the first time in my life, I honestly can say I am looking forward to the wait. Being patient and letting things naturally take its course. Granted going after love versus going after something that you love, to me, are TWO totally different things and this case, I am ready to be more proactive in my career and less caught up in the whole “finding” love thing. I am telling you society has this way of making you feel less than adequate because you haven’t done this by a certain age or that, but the truth is…SCREW THE WORLD! Sorry for the brashness but it is the truth. Things will happen in its right time… and I am looking forward to the wait.

Because…right now I am being groomed for something great.



Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Finding Yourself Through Your Craft pt. 2

October 21, 2014- Finding Yourself Through Your Craft pt. 2

Another Discovery

Is it odd that I feel more comfortable performing in front of strangers than in front of people I actually know? Well I know that fact holds true to other artists as well, but strangely enough I have trust issues “in real life” but not on stage. I completely trust my partner and myself solely on stage like my life depended on it. But once the curtain is drawn, I am timid and inquisitive of almost every little thing. Crazy huh? Say I am dating the actor playing my opposite, I would be so into him and the role that I won’t even begin to think of my own insecurities but once cut is CALLED--- boom! 

 What is that about? Perhaps one can say that you can leave it all on set or on stage, but really what is it…BEFORE I MOVE ON, I would like for everyone to notice something. A woman just ACTUALLY admitted to having trust issues…I know, I know! Go ahead give me a pat on the back. (smiles) But I am seriously, I have finally admitted something that I have spent 3 failed relationships, two failed friendships, and a plethora of sleepless nights denying…OUT LOUD. I HAVE TRUST ISSUES!! Ha, ha! And I am working on it! Super excited about that discovery….alrighty back to the blog…

But what it is all about is learning yourself THROUGH your craft. I have finally taken on an acting coach AFTER three years out of professional training. And I have to say, I was nervous at first. Granted there is nothing PRIVATE about being an actor but moreso, trust someone with my tools. To me, it is like trusting someone with my heart. I have given it to many and only a few have deserved it. So getting older has shown me that not everyone has my best interest at heart…and startlingly it is getting harder and harder to find those who truly care about me…and by me I mean my tools: spirit, mind, body, and voice.

But hey! Maybe I should start looking at life as though it was a play: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”--- As You Like It, ACT II, Scene VII.

Hi-5 Shakespeare!


Monday, October 20, 2014

Finding Yourself Through Your Craft pt. 1

October 20, 2014- Finding Yourself Through Your Craft pt. 1

It is like this unspoken rule that by a “certain” age you are suppose to understand yourself through and through. You are supposed to know yourself and understand why you are the way that you are and say the things that you say…blah. Blah. Bullshit! I call “B.S.” on the whole thing. Why? Because every day is a constant discovery. Well for myself, at least. I learn every day what boundaries I can push my body towards. For example, I have an upper respiratory infection at the moment. Which has resulted in the worst possible outcome for me as an actor: losing my voice. 

I have written about that before…losing my voice. Nevertheless, instead of trying to wallow in the slumps of being sick, I decided to pull a “mind over matter” and push thru it. Herb it up, water, teas, etc… and fight through it. I have to admit, at first, it worked! I felt more energized and alert. But slowly what I wasn’t doing is listening to my body. It was screaming to get some rest. And not like sleep but to rest your tools. So in the end, I sucked it up, went to the docs, and got some meds! Woot…

See through this odd sickness that I am going through I actually learned something about me through my craft. I learned that your tools, just like your mind and spirit, need a rest as well. Now I don’t care if I was 30 and I discovered this about myself or I was 15 and I learned this…it doesn’t matter when you learn something as long as you don’t stop learning.


Friday, October 10, 2014


October 10, 2014- Wall.

As an Artist you must be open to new experiences and new ideas. That is how we stay fresh and in tuned with our emotions and feelings. Being open and being an "open book" are too different things. Sometimes as an Actor I have to be sure not to bring "Brittney" to every single character. Yes, facets of me are fine and actually preferred in most circumstances but for the most part you have to be able to bring to life what is true to that character. Not what "YOU" think but how your character thinks and feels. You get me? 

Nevertheless, let me ease into my point. The other evening I was watching one of my favorite pastors on television named Joel Osteen. And he talked about people who keep up a wall. Trust me…this goes back to my original point of being "open" vs  being an "open book". So like I was saying he spoke on putting up a wall. Now what has been drilled in you for over 20 years of your life may differentiate between what was instilled in me. My mother basically told me to ALWAYS keep a guard up. Trust people who earned your trust not because you feel obligated to "trust" them. On the other hand, once I delved into the real world: college, taxes, drinking, etc…I realized that…they were people who were determined to get through my wall. People telling me that "you are only hurting yourself staying blocked up like that". So here I was…split.

So that evening listening to Joel, I knew exactly what he was going to say: " It never benefitted anyone to stay guarded up". Right?… WRONG. And that flipped the script to me. Joel spoke on the fact that we need to learn to keep our walls up to protect our spirits. He didn't mean it perpetually, but we have to be able to guard our spirit and our minds. Why? Because they are people who steal your energy. I can speak on two individuals RIGHT NOW who I still recovering from…because I was an open book and all they were was just…open. Open to listen and open to take….and right now I am learning to take that power back.

I am not saying to go out here and not trust, but what I am saying is that "wall" we have up…MAY NOT necessarily be a bad thing. At all. Shoot, who knows? Maybe if I would have kept it up longer…or sooner then perhaps…I wouldn't have ever lost sight of the bigger picture. 

That was more of a vent than a blog. Enjoy.


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Thursday, October 9, 2014


October 11th, 2014- Labeled.

So what is so wrong about having…a label? Having an identifier? When did “sameness” become SO desirable? I think people are so obsessed with trying to “blend in” that they forget that we are supposed to be individuals. We are supposed to have features that can be “indentified” and set us apart and make us unique. And I have a very personal opinion about this because, you know, people are like “I don’t want to be labeled as ‘gay’ or “I don’t want to labeled as ‘African-American’” or as this or that. But the thing is: YOU are who you are. So why NOT be identified by that?? Take ownership of it! Hell, be proud!

 I am not saying that is all that you are, but that is a part of you. And you say that people are supposed to accept you, then you need to learn to accept those things about yourself. And that is the truth. I…I… personally feel like people are trying to be so sweet and not offend anybody anymore and that they would rather just…blend in. And that is not the way things are SUPPOSED to be.

I was watching a commentary on CNN about the interview Oprah did with Raven Symone earlier this week and...it was interesting,  to say the very least. I am sure you all know about the spark of controversy that arose because of her [Raven] comment about not wanting to be "labeled" and all that and she goes to say that she doesn't know where her roots go to. Or how deep they run...


Well, why not? So many of our other cultures in this country and around the world take so much pride and honor in knowing their history. Where they come from...and she is so blatantly confessed that she does not know...and frankly, I stand to wonder does she care? Do any of us care? I feel like sometimes our history, and I am speaking from the African-American experience, is so troubled and painful and...just plain misconstrued that I am a little...nervous to see how far my roots go. I don't think I am ready to learn about that part of myself yet, but I would never carry on like it is not of importance to me.

Needless to say,  I have no problem in embracing what I look like and who I am...HOWEVER what I will not stand for are the stereotypes assumed about my "identifiers". BIG DIFFERENCE.



Wednesday, October 8, 2014


October 8, 2014- Support.

I have to admit one of the hardest things about being in this industry and having best friends that are ALSO actors and actresses is finding the strength to not be ENVIOUS and just plain---happy for the them. Jealously is not something that I feel towards people very often…and I am putting it out there that sometimes envy can a be good dose of a "shove" forward, if you know what I mean. Sitting here being jealous while you are not going after it in the first place is just plain stupid and redundant. One of my good friends is moving to ATL in about two weeks and I honestly can not be happier for her. She is talented, business-minded, and overall just a kind spirit. How can one be jealous of that? We are very similar people in that retrospect. However…I am a little envious. She is literally dropping everything and going down there on…a wind. On faith. 

I have that much faith in myself. i do. I can honestly say that. But what i don't have faith in is the situation. Granted I shouldn't be limited in my faith because all things are limitless unto HIm…but I am human. I need to start supporting and trusting in my abilities again. 


Thursday, October 2, 2014


October 2, 2014- Stand.

October is
National Domestic Violence Awareness
If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. Very powerful statement and it reads proud and true when it comes down to going after your dreams or any type of adventure. If YOU don’t believe in what you are capable of, then how in the hell is anyone else supposed to? You know one thing that I love about social media? The amount of self-motivation it expels. I mean granted it does get annoying to see you post pictures of EVERY single moment or event  that arises in your life but…on mornings when it takes everything and THEN some to get me out of bed…I usually just roll over unto my side and pull up Facebook or Twitter. As soon I pull it up, my newsfeed is flooded with pictures of selfies, families, etc… and oddly enough…I smile.
There is nothing wrong at being proud of who you are and what you believe in or stand for. Never apologize for being yourself. I bring up this topic because as you know October is nationally the month of “ribbons”. You know…if you choose to bring awareness to any SOCIAL issue then October is the month to do it! National Bullying Prevention Month, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month... (laughs) But seriously, standing for something doesn’t always have to be directly about you but for a cause.
This month, in particular, hits close to home because it is National Domestic Violence Awareness month. And I know…what it means to be a survivor. So I take this time to stand for the cause of women and men gaining their strengths back from any adversities that have plagued their lives due to the effects of domestic violence. There has been so much going on in the country with our athletes being publicly outed about their domestic disputes and abuse and I for one say…thank God. What happens in the dark always comes to the light.
So I am shedding light on this issue…today, ask yourself what do YOU stand for?