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Friday, December 11, 2015


December 11, 2015- Shift.

A shift is taking place…if I may I want to use my new favorite word “paradigm”. There has been a shift in my 'Brittney' paradigm. The transition to GA has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my adult life. Not only am I able to relish in my independence and individual accomplishments, each day I am surrounded by other young, ambitious, and innovative artists who keep me inspired. Today I am announcing a shift from writing for my own personal enjoyment to the launch of my newest platform and movement: Keep Calm and Create On.  

Over the years, my blogs have began to serve the purpose of inspiring and motivating artists of all kinds. The launch of Keep Calm and Create On is designed to provide writings and memes in support of building and strengthening the mindset of future artists on their journeys of learning and developing their craft and skill set.

The B.Blog will still serve as my personal blogger for my own artistic journey and process. This is a very proud and important moment for me, everybody. This idea has been on my heart for over 2 years now and this is only the beginning. I am planning to officially release and launch a book in June 2016, so be on the lookout for that! From there, I will be creating a non-profit centered around raising awareness and providing resources for young and growing artists to explore the highest peaks of their artistic aspirations. Thank you all for your continued support and love. And here’s to all of us to staying calm and creating on!


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Create On.

November 24, 2015- Create On.

We should all aim to be or create something that has never been seen before. Something that has never been felt or experienced before. Aim so high that your mind cannot wrap around the concept.

The limitations we set for ourselves are far worse than any expectation others put on us. I used to see limits as being safe: taking it slow or taking my time. However the thing is: if you feel it and are capable of doing it now, then WHY NOT do it now? Why not? Yes, it is much easier said than done, for sure. I understand that. I tell you I have had countless nights and days that I would lose myself in my thoughts and viewpoints. One idea playing off the other. I mean ideas for plays, programs, name it—I have thought about them. And in the end, I realized they were only in my mind. I wish I had a mental tape recorder because sometimes my mind flows faster than my hands can write. You know what I mean?

We have to start taking the thoughts from our minds and create! Make it happen! Make it a reality! Do it! Nothing should stop you. Maybe your ideas are meant to be shared and completed with the help of others. Perhaps like that workshop you want to do or that novel you have been meaning to self-publish or even taking that small class at the community college on clay sculpting or glass blowing. Anything! Pace yourself and go for it! Just create!


Friday, November 20, 2015


November 20, 2015- Limits.

How far is too far? Sometimes when I am going after something I truly want, I find myself getting very apprehensive. Haven't we all? It gets to a point that we have to identify what is "too much" versus am I just scared.

They older you get, the wiser you become. You start to hear things like “limit yourself” or sayings such as “know your limitations”. Huh…funny: when did limits become a part of our vocabulary?

The sky is the limit but what's beyond that? Think about it.


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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Focus II.

November 18, 2015- Focus II.

Always keep in mind what your true purpose is and why you are where you are.

We are always presented with something that seems to persuade us to go another way. The journey before us only reflects what has passed us and the choices we make are for tomorrow and beyond.

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Sunday, November 15, 2015


November 15, 2015- Attack.

We are sometimes taught to “take the bull by the horns” or create a plan of attack—all of these aggressive approaches to life. However, have you ever thought about just taking your time? Truly assess each part, action, moment and rather than steam rolling over it, you just took your time. At times it just seems easier to just go for the jugular. Why? Because it is safe for us or makes you feel better or even puts a means to an end. But the truth is this approach may not always be the best approach. Sometimes slow and steady does win the race. Gradually taking your time to reach a goal is what’s best. The only thing you should attack with vengeance is the enemy-- and the enemy is whatever you allow yourself to be affected by.

There is a difference in mentally attacking or physically attacking something. It is about finding a balance. You can have that "eye of the tiger": be driven, goal oriented, “see the goal, go for the goal” but your approach can be… slow. I have a tendency to go after everything with vigor and strength yet over the years I have surrounded myself with others who don't take on that same method necessarily. They are more laid back; however, laid back doesn't always fit every situation. Sometimes if you are always complaining about the same things, maybe your tactics should be changed. On the flipside, if you start to feel overwhelmed then maybe you should deliberate slowing down. 

Begin to look at your goals more strategically… carefully considering and plotting each and every move to your best ability.


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Friday, November 13, 2015

A Smile.

November 13, 2015- A Smile.

If you probably have noticed, I am an avid writer.  I've been writing ever since I delved into acting semi-professionally—which was right around the age of 12. It's imperative for every artist to document or journal their discoveries and journey in general. I used to keep a journal… Or rather explicit diary of all of my conquest and adventures, both personal and career wise, and it used to be called “A Smile”. I guess the title then didn't mean as much as it does now but the smile meant that through all the adversities I experienced, I still managed to keep a smile on my face. Even when things got immensely hard and tough. Through my first heart breaks and biggest rejections, I still kept a smile on my face. It was like deep down by smiling I was reassuring myself that the journey is only beginning… And here I am at the age of 27 and I still think there's so much to be seen and explored. 

I used to say that if you ever wanted to get a glimpse of who I truly was, you’d need to get your hands on that journal. I literally have not looked at that journal in over five years. I'm happy I got rid of it. Not because I didn't want to remind myself of the senseless and juvenile choices I made but rather I just wanted to reflect on the outcome:  who I am now.  Sometimes focusing on your past indiscretions can help you gain some perspective for the future. But I have come to discover this: take a look in the mirror and look at what's directly in front of you right now. Unlike text in a journal, there are no words in the reflection. It's not black-and-white. There are many different facets, distinctive patterns, a plethora of unique colors and shapes that make up who you are. The journaling is merely a way to extract all those thoughts that you may not be able to get out on a daily basis, but you are the walking masterpiece: the final product. You deserve to proudly wear the smile being mirrored back.


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Monday, October 5, 2015


October 5, 2015- Challenge.

Choosing to be in a relationship with your art is like being in any normal relationship. Having your differences, blissful/honeymoon stages, love… Seeking out something or someone who keeps you motivated and on your toes… Challenges you.

Ask yourself: why do you do the art that you do? Why did you choose this art form? I act because it pushes me to explore my emotional range as a performer. The dedication, the process. The joy of discovery. It is literally the thrill of the unknown that keeps our crafts exciting. There is never an end. However there is the risk of complacency… When you've done something so long or have stumbled across a technique time and time again and you are just bored with. What can you do to make it new again? Exciting? Does it mean that you have to go out and experience the art from an outside perspective? For example, if you're a visual artist does that mean you have to go to a museum? See what other artist statements are being made? What can you do to not get lost in the monotony of your art?

Have you ever felt completely done with something? Over it? Like you've done all and learned all you can on a specific subject or certain type of something? Now, we are never done learning but sometimes it's time to just let go and move on to something more challenging. Something that can up your ante as an artist. That is why I decided to go after my MFA. Now by far I am not saying I know all there is to know about my craft. NOT AT ALL. But I was getting bored and found myself getting very comfortable. It's funny I was talking to some of my fellow actors about how we have a "bag of tricks", if you will, that we use to get through every audition or during every performance. And I am tired of those same old tricks.

Art just like any type of relationship in the end… Should be about a partnership. Finding a balance between how the art form is evolving and how you are as a person evolving. Change is inevitable. We are changing and so is our industry on a daily basis. To be blind or oblivious to this fact, I believe, is irresponsible and self-absorbed. Change is a good thing! And I don't mean to conform but moreso adapt. So moving forward, you can find a natural balance between the two and balance could mean…seeking out an alternative approach to your art. 


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