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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back on my Grind...

So these past few weeks have been pretty tough for me, I must admit. I just had to get my strength back up and my grind on again. And I feel greater than ever. It's crazy how life, sometimes, feels like it ain't going nowhere, you know? Like everything around you is moving forward. People around you are moving forward, but what about you? What about me? And then...I stepped back and realize that I'm propelling faster than ever. It's all about faith and embracing my own blessings. My time will come, my season has only just begun. I am sooo overwhelmed right now and I love it!  I love being busy; it keeps me on my grind! I am currently involved in 4 shows! 4 shows! HA, it's crazy but so awesome! All are equally challenging and quite fun. And I thank God for that.


Monday, October 4, 2010


Well here it is…the truth. The truth is… they are a lot people who were hurt because of my previous blog. I’m sorry. Just as much fear, courage and hurt as it took for me to write Subjectivity at its Best, it’s taking me to admit that I hurt my friends, my peers, my mentors and for that I am sorry. I am sorry for how my words made you feel. By no means did I mean to offend or accuse anyone. And that’s the truth. I was not told to do this, but I felt as though it had to be done. I have removed the blog because its purpose was for to inform not to harm, and even though it served that purpose, I did not expect to lose anything in the process. I hope that you can accept this apology from the deepest pockets of my heart. My words are now ingrained in your memory, but I hope my heart speaks to those thoughts. The truth is…what it is.

"As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the real person." Proverbs 27:19


And it starts now...

It's funny that was my facebook status a week or so ago. So this morning I came in from a very "so-so" yesterday to find comments under my blog titled "Subjectivity at its Best" that were not so...hmmm...supportive. And I expected that. I honestly did. I mean am I hurt by the comments? Yes. Will it effect me and my actions? Yes it has effected me deeply, yet I will continue to seek the truth. I will approach the situation at hand with a little more "tact"; however this blog is my personal spill, you know? And I chose to candid and naked about it. Open about it.

I was told by one of my commentors, three things: 1) That I deeply hurt someone he cared about, 2) He has zero patience for actors who blame other actors for not getting cast and 3) I need to take a nice long hard look myself. WOW! Well in response to #1, the person that was deeply hurt MUST be someone I know. Which means, that I am deeply hurt that they are hurt. By no means, did I say that they couldn't do the job. I didn't. It's just...when you are as passionate about my art form as I am, you don't understand why others don't understand that. Now, I am not sure who, I am not sure who I've hurt but I will use this as an apology. It was quite harsh how I worded it, however, I never claimed that you couldn't do the job. I never said you couldn't do it. I'm truly sorry...

#2: I never blamed anyone for not being cast. Period. That wasn't my focus. I'm very sure I never said that.

#3: Sometimes it's hard to face yourself; however, in this case if I hadn't faced myself I wouldn't have wrote my blog "Subjectivity at its Best" . This is the truth I face when I look in the mirror: An actor that has been at a university for 2 years, given ample amount of time and effort, loves its people and staff, has the talent to succeed in this department and business, and has not been able to shine. I am very grateful for all the work that I have been given and done, but... I'm about to graduate. I am about to graduate and I feel as though I have left nothing...I've learned plenty.   But that's what I see when I take a long hard look at myself.

I would like to take this time to personally apologize to anyone I have offended. If it's who I think it is, you know that I love you and have much respect for you. I just don't appreciate the circumstances in which this happened.

Thank you....


Monday, September 27, 2010

Still Waiting...

Still waiting on a response from Together Again for the First Time.
Later this week, I will be hitting on some hot topics:

- Personal Relationships and the Actor
- Prejudice in the Performance World
- Where Do You Wanna Start?

...Yeah that's it so far...so stay tuned!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Wait...

Now we wait!  STRESSFUL! I think “waiting” is the most grueling part of any audition. Waiting to hear “NO” or waiting to get a “HELL YEAH”! LOL. The cast list for Together Again for the First Time comes out Monday. Ugh...(laughs). I’m laughing but I am dead serious. As a director, choosing your cast is one of the most difficult parts. You have to choose a cast of people who can give life to the story that you are trying to present to the audience. Either with a film or stage play, the words couldn’t come to life without the actor.

I didn’t get cast, what does that mean?

Uh….in a nut shell that means yo’ ass just didn’t get cast. POINT BLANK! (laughs)  I am dead serious. Sometimes it’s worth a fight, especially if you felt you weren’t given a fair chance, but in the end it’s still the director’s decision. Perhaps, you weren’t tall enough for the role or you didn’t have the skills for the parts in the production. Whatever the reason being, don’t give up. A little defeat never hurt anybody. Now, this is coming from a girl who got so many “Nos” that…I started just psyching myself out prior to the audition. I mean I did the actual audition, but I had already planted in my mind that I wasn’t gonna get it. DON’T DO THAT! If you want it, go and fight for it. Nobody but you and God knows your full potential. I mean that’s not just with acting, it’s with life as well.

So, can I ask the director why I wasn’t cast?

Honestly, I think that depends on the relationship. If you are going up for a movie role or something like, just brush it off. Now, in an educational setting like college theatre, I think it’s perfectly fine. You are trying to perfect your technique and criticism should always be embraced and given. Now (laughs) it’s not always what you want to hear, but you can’t be your best without knowing what works best for you. For example, about 3 weeks ago I auditioned for Little Shop of Horrors @ ODU. Now, let me put it to you straight— I ain’t no singer. Never have been, neva wanna be; however, I loved the show so I wanted to give a shot. To my surprise I was called backed! For two parts— a Doo-Wop girl and Audrey. FUN, right? So after going thru a lonnnnnnngggg night of callbacks, the cast list came out the next day. Unfortunately, I wasn’t on it. And deep down I was like “what the fuck”. I’m serious, so when I asked the director, who is my department chair, about the quality of my audition and blah she told me that I had things I needed to work on vocally. BOOM! I got my answer. I could have just blown it off and said “fuck everybody, I KNOW I can sing”, but I didn’t. I seeked out the reason why and now I can improve.

I’m still down, what should/can I do now?
Pray. God knows your true hearts desire. Ask and you SHALL receive.


Versatility is Key

So, yesterday we had callbacks for Together Again for the First Time. Yeah, it went extremely well…At least I think so. Once thing about callbacks is you never know what the director is thinking. AT ALL! I was very happy that I got to read for all three roles of the daughters, which definitely shows off my range. That’s what I love about callbacks! Callbacks are all about you showing off what you can do; your emotional range and physical range ALL THAT MUMBO JUMBO, you feel me? I got some good feedback…well indirect feedback. The cast list comes out on Monday…UGH fucking Monday. Who freakin’ wants to wait until Monday, you know? Well I guess I have to.
            If there is anything that I have gained from this callback is that versatility is key. Explore different options, if you get to read for a role more than once, try something new each time. Physicality or vocally or whatever. Usually in a callback that involves a cold reading, you will paired up with different people each time, So change it up each time. For example, say your character is naive, the first time you play them play the ditzy card and then the next time, play the physicality more. Get it? If not, just keep trying. LOL!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Preparing for a Callback!

Well YEA! I got a callback! Goodie (smiles)! Now I can start not worrying half to death. This is the first call back that I have to have the entire script read by the audition. Which is fine, it's just so abrupt and soon! OH, a note to the wise: If you are auditioning for a play, it's best to have had the script read prior to the audition, but in my case there wasn't a script available. Perhaps, it's an original piece? (shrugs shoulders)

So callbacks are half the battle. My strategy is: If you got a callback, you got talent. POINT BLANK! Getting cast is a matter of looks and feelings. Remember that actors!


First Blog Ever!

My First Blog Ever! Yea! Well let’s see tonight, I went to audition at ODUTheatre. They are putting on a comedy called Together Again for the First Time... yeah I never heard of it either, but from the sound of it, it seems pretty funny. Callbacks are on Friday. Hopefully, I get cast. MORE THINGS for my resume!