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Friday, January 1, 2016

Reflection: 2015

January 1, 2016- Reflection: 2015

We made it. Although it felt like we were going to buck down and crumble, at times, we are now here standing at the cusp of something amazing: a new adventure and journey. But our journeys are not start now at the end of a year, it has been in the works thru the entirety of 2015. This is one of the only times during the year that I don't mind looking at social media and see people updating their twitters or FB statuses. Why? Mainly because it's full of so much positivity. I love seeing people declare goals that they want for themselves. Having the integrity to set and want those goals.

2015 was, by far, the most prolific year of my life so far and I am so very proud of the progress and experiences that I've gone through. I have a lot to reflect on, so much to reflect on and sadly enough the year is ending a little melancholy for me. I realize there are things that won't be with me on my journey as I continue into the next year. And to be honest, it hurts. But it allows for me to move forward. Some I chose to leave behind and some that just dissipated and faded like the seasons. I declared that 2015 would be a year of joy, success, and independence and all of which I experienced. And I'm very grateful that I spoke those things into existence.

Cornerstones for 2016:  Success, Collaboration, Passion, and Focus.

I believe that a lot of success will still continue to fall and appear throughout 2016. Sometimes you have to get out of your own way to reach your highest potential and your highest potential has no ceiling. Remember that. Success for me means I want to accomplish many of my personal goals I set forth through my own strengths and faith. Publishing my book, establishing foundational networking with potential post-graduate companies and opportunities, etc.

Collaboration for me is sharing my goals and passion for outreach and the Arts with others and manifesting in new types of art and theater. I believe a huge part of life as an artist is getting to know and create for and within your community. And what better way to do that than to collaborate with other artists and people. Perhaps it could be creating a supplemental program cultural enrichment in the school community or an Arts mentorship advocacy platform…you never know.

Passion for 2016 comes more from a personal standpoint. No longer am I going to push my passions for the arts aside to accommodate my passion for a relationship or love. And that goes for relationships between friends or potential mates. I will continue to go about my art with as much vigor and passion that is within my soul and spirit. And I hope to meet people that share and can accept that passion about me

This point is very self-explanatory but it mainly means not losing sight of the bigger prize. Getting and going to grad school sets into place why the picture is bigger than my own personal successes. My desires are beyond my own. I want to influence people at large and to do that I have to stay focused. I can't become succumb to the little slumps that may come along. It is easy to only see the lows 
when your sight is set to the ground. Look up, seek higher up, seek your highest potential. 

Happy 2016 New Years! 
The journey is only continuing...

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