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Saturday, June 4, 2016

So Umm.... 2016 Mid-Year Catch-Up

June 4, 2016- 2016 Mid-Year Catch-Up

You all know by now that when I take a long hiatus from writing my personal blog that something is being STIRRED UP! And y’all, the recipe for my life right now is delicious! (Laughs)

Not only did I complete my first year of grad school, I am now…wait for ita published author! Literally, I wrote a book! That is how I am telling people. Over the past two years, I have been blogging about finding yourself artistically and balancing your worlds between the traditional workplace and artistic creativity. Finally those thoughts have been transferred into book form and available to all artists and individuals around the world. That is such a daunting yet refreshing thought. Am I expecting to be a New York bestseller!? Yes, one day but for now… I will settle in the fact that I started a project and completed it.

The book is titled Keep Calm and Create On: Words of Encouragement from One Artist to the Next. Back in November 2015, I wrote a blog here about shifting my artistic paradigm from personal to public. Keep Calm and Create On is designed to feed an individual’s artistic soul with inspiration for pushing forward. The book reads very much like my blog: personal, raw, and honest.

So after a long two-year process, including conceptualizing, over 15 drafts, intense copy editors, 22 amazing reviewers, designers, and publishing, it is finally here! Not only does this book exemplify my spirit as an artist, it speaks on my road of perseverance and strength.

I wrote Keep Calm and Create On: Words of Encouragement from One Artist to the Next because of my experiences being an artist in a field so saturated with looks and stereotypes over talent and skill. This book is about embracing your creative spirit and balancing your artistic duality.

While the book is complete, I am still early on in my journey. Nonetheless, please take the time to like and support the book!

 Available at

Miss you all so much, Brittney


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