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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An EXTREMELY Great Start...


Can you believe it's been about 3 months since I've written a blog? Well, that goes to show that my life has been pretty boring BUT thank God all that's change. First, Happy 2012! I must admit that this year has been off to an extremely great start.

From my feats with weight loss, financially getting back on track, and now STARRING in Extremities with Iron Street Productions...things haven't been more better. So...Extremities written by William Mastrosimone! Guys, this is one powerful ass show (excuse the language) but let me tell you. Not only does it challenge me as actor on an emotional level but on a physical level as well.

The auditions were back in January. Mind you, I had heard about the production last year when I auditioned for Iron Street Productions' show Race by David Mamet. Now, anybody who knows me knew how long I was talking about auditioning for Race. I mean it was BIG stuff to me. So, I went out and auditioned and I didn't get cast. And that's fine. But what I did receive was the side note that I am very powerful actor and the show Extremities would be a great fit for me to audition for. So there you go.

Yeah...I love details...so anyways, I ended up going to the second night of auditions and you know how we do as actors: we SIZE up that competition. LOL. Like "oh she hit that peak really well or she didn't deliver that strong enough....whatever. I felt pretty confident during and after the audition. I had ordered the play 3 weeks prior and was fairly familiar with the first two scenes so during the cold read I wouldn't have to be buried in the script.

So after the auditions were over, the wonderful and brilliant Jeff Corriveau, who is the director, said he'd have the show cast in a matter of hours. Like that next day! WHAT! So you know a sister was worried half to death all day at work. And what do you know? I had nothing to worry about! The call had me practically in tears and I thank Jeff for taking a chance with me. Not only did he cast AGAINST "type", our entire cast is immensely talented and I am so blessed for this opportunity to work with all of them. No lie.

So the next entry will be about delving into the psyche of my character and how to substitute and separate the reality of my character versus the reality of my life.

- Brittney

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  1. Great job Brittney! You brought down the house! Can't wait to see you perform again.