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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Marketing for Our Production


So I don't think I need to point out how "extremely" excited I am to be a part of Extremities. Not only has this process challenged me as an actor physically, it has broaden my approach to theatrical techniques. Techniques such as memory recall and all that...good stuff. I want to delve more into my process and the mentality development of my character but honestly....it'll just be super wordy and for my own enjoyment.

But for your ENTERTAINMENT...the cast of Extremities appeared on "The Hampton Roads Show" today and was a blast. To start it was a bitching cold morning...let me tell you. We had to be at the studio before 7:15am and I knew that majority of the cast was coming from the other side of the water (Peninsula) But we made there on time and must say it was quite the learning experience. Sitting in the studio with all the anchors, the lights, and the teleprompters and...it's very fascinating and I came to a realization today. Uh huh and that is...this woman will NOT ever....ever....ever, ever work on live tv show. EVER! My goodness it's too overwhelming. Cool but like...whoa nelly. Anyways... here's our segment from 'The Hampton Roads Show'. Click the link below the pic!  Thank you again for all your hospitality.

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