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Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Shots, New Opportunities

July 12, 2012- New Shots, New Opportunities

So I totally need to stop writing like every two to three months and make this more frequent than sparodic. Nevertheless, greetings!

Two things: 1) "Sometimes Life gives us the breaks that we don't allow ourselves to have"- Brittney S. Harris. Yes that's an original and I am living proof of it. I don't want to be one of those people looking back at life with that question "What If". I don't and I am firm believer that God didn't want me to be either.

2) Ain't nothing like some new headshots to get your 'acting spunk' back. LOL.

Headshots are the S**T
Back in May, I went back to my good friend and fellow Actor Melissa Blue with the desire for some new shots. New headshots to showcase my newly developed self-image. So far, I am physically where I want it to be, but I am trying to develop the personality with the body. That's another blog!

But nevertheless, Melissa capture some beautiful shots. Perhaps too beautiful, when I first them I was shocked! I thought I looked too stunning and not natural enough, you know? The thing is I know her and I know her work, so I know she doesn't do too much retouching at all...so basically I was looking at me! It was scary. Compared to my last headshots, I looked remarkably younger, more marketable, and fresher. But that's what you have to keep in mind. WHAT MARKET ARE YOU TRYING TO GO INTO AND WHAT'S THE LOOK?
And in the end, I was going for a girl-next-door/friendly and sultry, professional, mature young woman.

What do you think?

Well since I've gotten these shots, I've happened to land several major auditions for shows that are under my age range (networks like FOX, ABC Family) and also I got a new agent for the DC & Maryland market. Yeah...I totally loving my new shots.

Thank you so much to Melissa Blue of
Please check out her website and great prices for Actors in the Hampton Roads area.

UP NEXT... Developing/Building my Acting Brand

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