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Friday, November 22, 2013

Clear Mind.

November 22, 2013- Clear Mind.

OK, I am usually not this enthused to write…well not anymore that is. Granted the last time I have actually sat down to write something for this blog was back in April of this year…something has sparked in me to write. You sometimes unexpectedly cross paths with someone or a group of people or even hear about a cause that just inspires and uplifts you. Motivate.

About what? Well a number of things. It has just occurred to me that…I DON’T write anymore. I had this journal (wasn't’t an online journal) but I kept this journal for about 7 years. 7 years! Single spaced and documented my life from my senior year of high school to late 2012. And this thing was my…mirror. I always said if someone really wanted to get to know the real “me” read that…and believe me, it was a shocker.

So what happened? Well…after a while I realized I was only writing about the negative. My shortcomings, failures, and though it was a “realistic” view of me…it was only me at my lowest. So, to go back and see patterns of my life from over the past 7 years: struggling with weight, my fluctuating acting career, failed relationship and friendships, it was only showing me the worst of things. So I took my 7 year journey…and locked it away. I didn't destroy it, but more so just let it go.

Funny, this blog was supposed to be about my journey as an Actor…to stardom. And when I look at my life and progress…I could be so much further right now. But I kept trying to emulate other people’s paths rather than just following and finding my own. Listening to God. I let lies become the truth and failures become the outcome. And that is not case. And in 25 years…I think I am approaching one of the clearest epiphanies I have ever had.
 "Be happy where you are and as long as you don’t stop moving forward…neither will your life." -Brittney

This picture...says it all.

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