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Monday, August 18, 2014


August 18, 2014- Concited.

It's amazing how swiftly things can change. Sometimes when you are just open...and listen you will start to see your paths illuminate.

Usually I don't write posts like this--but I feel like it's something that needed to be said to myself and...it may be for someone to hear. (Another fellow actress told me the same thing a couple of weeks ago...)

Sometimes you may think that what you want is the best thing---a career choice or a relationship or whatever, but indeed if it truly doesn't benefit your soul, it will not prosper. After last week, a rather interesting week of twists and eyeopeners, I am realizing that there were things on my path that I didn't necessarily agree with or want but it was there because I needed it. Also, they were things there because I wanted them to be and it was time to let it go.

Point Blank: Don't lose your soul (mind, memory, and affections) over things...  For what would it profit [you] to gain this whole world and lose your soul while doing so?-- T.D. Jakes, Mark 8:36.

Be true to yourself and open and listen. Sometimes being led is better than going on your own beat and path.

So needless to say, I am declaring that I won't take the new as something wrong. And I won't take something wrong as a testament that something needs to change. You would think that is normal, right? No. See to me, I thought taking on something new was a challenge or a test to see...to see if I could try and JUST be happy and content with what I have and not seek out more. But...sometimes the opportunity just falls into your laps, 'y'all. AND THE BEST PART, you weren't even expecting it. At all.

This career path of an actor has to be one of the most "concited" paths that any person could ever choose. Yes, I said "CONCITED", not conceited.. Have you ever been so excited about how the way things are moving and shifting in your life, but just are as confused as to how it will end up or what is "exactly" going to happen?? See that is being concited. (smiles)

Like I mentioned I wrote this for myself but mainly for anyone that wonders the "WHYs" and the "HOWs" like I do.


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