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Sunday, September 13, 2015


September 13, 2015- Energy.

Your energy is so important.  The energy you expound, the energy you receive. They all have some effect on you--- and like anything else, you must be aware and mindful of how you give your energy. Don't be wasteful. Think of it in the eyes of a singer or actor, we use only the amount of breath NEEDED for a particular line or measure. Why? Because we must be able to sustain throughout the entirety of the song or play. The same must apply to yourself as an individual. Some activities or even some people don't require as much time and effort as we give them. They don't and it is up to us to learn our limits and personal boundaries. 

Myself, I find, is built a little differently. I don't mind giving. That is not an issue but when I look back and finally settle I realize something--- I was giving and giving and in return I would get mediocracy. And this is not in regards to anything or anyone directly but just a general reflection of myself. We all should give without the thought of receiving but you must ASSESS what are you getting back in return. Is it a personal gain? What are you receiving that can help replenish all of the energy you are expounding out? Think about that. My vision for building bridges in the community amongst the arts requires a ton of dedication and energy and in return I get to see the young people of a fresh generation learn something NEW for the first time. It is such a rewarding experience that the energy rebounds back to me and I am restored. 

But I ask myself: why can't that seem to work in my personal life? And I am sure you have all been there. Been with someone who you find yourself giving, opening up to, only to find that you are being drained. We have all been there. With a significant other or even at work---you feel under appreciated. You start to feel burned out. When this happens, check yourself. 

Create little ways for you to check in with yourself and see where you are emotionally. At first, it will feel confusing. You will not be able to put a word to it. You find yourself aimlessly saying "I don't know" or "something feels off"… Checking in could require you to start keeping a daily journal or perhaps confiding in a friend. One way that works for me is prayer and meditation. I take note of what I am driven to pray about that day. There are certain things that no matter what I do, I pray on daily. However, the more I find myself drifting towards a particular subject, I have to wonder: why am I placing so much energy on this? Why is this my primary focus? What's going on there?

It is amazing how the universe won't allow for you to ignore "yourself" for too long.  Don't ignore these signs. Check in--- you may be in need of a recharge. 


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