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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


September 22, 2015- Purpose.

Have you ever looked at the items in your kitchen or just throughout your home and realized that particular item only has one general purpose? I mean even going through your local WalMart or Target, how many items can you identify that ONLY have one purpose but you GOTTA have it? Like an "egg yolk separator" for example. I mean "really seriously…"

Remember this: you are not made for only one thing or purpose. You are plentiful in your abilities and skills but it is up to you to find them out and explore them. We have to realize that we are not "one trick ponies". "I can sing and that's all I am good at" or "I am pretty good at drawing but…that's about it". No, it's not.

Like I share with some of the young ladies I mentor, never in my wildest thoughts did I ever see myself being a public speaker. I never saw myself using my abilities of theatrics and speech to do outreach in my community. See the thing is, in my mind, all I thought I was good at was acting: performing. That's it. And then…something happened. For the briefest of time, I decided to explore a "Plan B". But not just any Plan B, but to actually teach my craft rather than just perform it. And wouldn't you know, I was great at it! Using my skills to influence people to speak out, find confidence in themselves, and speaking in public. Sometimes I have met people, young and old, finally find the strength to speak out about something that has plagued them for years. By teaching, I created an atmosphere and forum for them to express themselves: artistically and spiritually.

What an amazing discovery when you uncover your 'dual' purposes. Hey! You may even have more than that. A little advice: you know that "thing" you have always wanted to try but have been putting off for months or years….do it. Try it and see what happens.


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