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Monday, October 5, 2015


October 5, 2015- Challenge.

Choosing to be in a relationship with your art is like being in any normal relationship. Having your differences, blissful/honeymoon stages, love… Seeking out something or someone who keeps you motivated and on your toes… Challenges you.

Ask yourself: why do you do the art that you do? Why did you choose this art form? I act because it pushes me to explore my emotional range as a performer. The dedication, the process. The joy of discovery. It is literally the thrill of the unknown that keeps our crafts exciting. There is never an end. However there is the risk of complacency… When you've done something so long or have stumbled across a technique time and time again and you are just bored with. What can you do to make it new again? Exciting? Does it mean that you have to go out and experience the art from an outside perspective? For example, if you're a visual artist does that mean you have to go to a museum? See what other artist statements are being made? What can you do to not get lost in the monotony of your art?

Have you ever felt completely done with something? Over it? Like you've done all and learned all you can on a specific subject or certain type of something? Now, we are never done learning but sometimes it's time to just let go and move on to something more challenging. Something that can up your ante as an artist. That is why I decided to go after my MFA. Now by far I am not saying I know all there is to know about my craft. NOT AT ALL. But I was getting bored and found myself getting very comfortable. It's funny I was talking to some of my fellow actors about how we have a "bag of tricks", if you will, that we use to get through every audition or during every performance. And I am tired of those same old tricks.

Art just like any type of relationship in the end… Should be about a partnership. Finding a balance between how the art form is evolving and how you are as a person evolving. Change is inevitable. We are changing and so is our industry on a daily basis. To be blind or oblivious to this fact, I believe, is irresponsible and self-absorbed. Change is a good thing! And I don't mean to conform but moreso adapt. So moving forward, you can find a natural balance between the two and balance could mean…seeking out an alternative approach to your art. 


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