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Friday, November 13, 2015

A Smile.

November 13, 2015- A Smile.

If you probably have noticed, I am an avid writer.  I've been writing ever since I delved into acting semi-professionally—which was right around the age of 12. It's imperative for every artist to document or journal their discoveries and journey in general. I used to keep a journal… Or rather explicit diary of all of my conquest and adventures, both personal and career wise, and it used to be called “A Smile”. I guess the title then didn't mean as much as it does now but the smile meant that through all the adversities I experienced, I still managed to keep a smile on my face. Even when things got immensely hard and tough. Through my first heart breaks and biggest rejections, I still kept a smile on my face. It was like deep down by smiling I was reassuring myself that the journey is only beginning… And here I am at the age of 27 and I still think there's so much to be seen and explored. 

I used to say that if you ever wanted to get a glimpse of who I truly was, you’d need to get your hands on that journal. I literally have not looked at that journal in over five years. I'm happy I got rid of it. Not because I didn't want to remind myself of the senseless and juvenile choices I made but rather I just wanted to reflect on the outcome:  who I am now.  Sometimes focusing on your past indiscretions can help you gain some perspective for the future. But I have come to discover this: take a look in the mirror and look at what's directly in front of you right now. Unlike text in a journal, there are no words in the reflection. It's not black-and-white. There are many different facets, distinctive patterns, a plethora of unique colors and shapes that make up who you are. The journaling is merely a way to extract all those thoughts that you may not be able to get out on a daily basis, but you are the walking masterpiece: the final product. You deserve to proudly wear the smile being mirrored back.


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