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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Wait...

Now we wait!  STRESSFUL! I think “waiting” is the most grueling part of any audition. Waiting to hear “NO” or waiting to get a “HELL YEAH”! LOL. The cast list for Together Again for the First Time comes out Monday. Ugh...(laughs). I’m laughing but I am dead serious. As a director, choosing your cast is one of the most difficult parts. You have to choose a cast of people who can give life to the story that you are trying to present to the audience. Either with a film or stage play, the words couldn’t come to life without the actor.

I didn’t get cast, what does that mean?

Uh….in a nut shell that means yo’ ass just didn’t get cast. POINT BLANK! (laughs)  I am dead serious. Sometimes it’s worth a fight, especially if you felt you weren’t given a fair chance, but in the end it’s still the director’s decision. Perhaps, you weren’t tall enough for the role or you didn’t have the skills for the parts in the production. Whatever the reason being, don’t give up. A little defeat never hurt anybody. Now, this is coming from a girl who got so many “Nos” that…I started just psyching myself out prior to the audition. I mean I did the actual audition, but I had already planted in my mind that I wasn’t gonna get it. DON’T DO THAT! If you want it, go and fight for it. Nobody but you and God knows your full potential. I mean that’s not just with acting, it’s with life as well.

So, can I ask the director why I wasn’t cast?

Honestly, I think that depends on the relationship. If you are going up for a movie role or something like, just brush it off. Now, in an educational setting like college theatre, I think it’s perfectly fine. You are trying to perfect your technique and criticism should always be embraced and given. Now (laughs) it’s not always what you want to hear, but you can’t be your best without knowing what works best for you. For example, about 3 weeks ago I auditioned for Little Shop of Horrors @ ODU. Now, let me put it to you straight— I ain’t no singer. Never have been, neva wanna be; however, I loved the show so I wanted to give a shot. To my surprise I was called backed! For two parts— a Doo-Wop girl and Audrey. FUN, right? So after going thru a lonnnnnnngggg night of callbacks, the cast list came out the next day. Unfortunately, I wasn’t on it. And deep down I was like “what the fuck”. I’m serious, so when I asked the director, who is my department chair, about the quality of my audition and blah she told me that I had things I needed to work on vocally. BOOM! I got my answer. I could have just blown it off and said “fuck everybody, I KNOW I can sing”, but I didn’t. I seeked out the reason why and now I can improve.

I’m still down, what should/can I do now?
Pray. God knows your true hearts desire. Ask and you SHALL receive.


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