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Monday, June 22, 2015

Fix Your Face.

June 22, 2015- Fix Your Face.

Imma go 'head and put this out there, and for the record I think women are definitely more guilty of this than men, but our facial expressions speak way before our mouths.

This is easy: have body awareness. Nonverbal cues are real, people. And hey, not only check yourself on them, but be cognizant of those around you as well. Read body language and gestures. Use your sense of awareness to gauge a situation prior to engaging. This is a very simple principle for anyone to follow. As artists, we are asked to project what we see through the medium in which we choose i.e. film, photography, music, dancing, etc.

As a performer, facial expressions are just as important to my element of performance as what comes out of my mouth. Connecting the two are what most actors seem to forget. You can be full of emotion verbally but physically you are a blank canvas or vice versa. To be honest, this very fact alone is why I think every actor, green (new) or not, should invest in their craft and take classes. You won’t know what your downfalls or areas of improvement are until you put them to the test . Get in front of an industry professional or on a simpler note: just take a look in a mirror.


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