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Tuesday, June 2, 2015


June 2, 2015- Identity.

How do you identify with the world and things around you? Are you more of a hands-on person or the silent observer in the corner? Nothing is wrong with either, of course. But ask yourself how do you approach the world at large? Some people would say that actors don't identify with their surroundings or others fully because we are always in "character" or taking on a facade.

Funny: the very way we learn how to emulate and embody characters is to be one with our environment.

Ask Yourself: Is your identity yours? Or is it what others have made you feel like you are? I am asking this because as artists we must be able to have our own identity. Know who we are and what we represent. And yes, over time your interests will change; it is inevitable. I am not saying you have to know every facet of yourself right now, but aim to have your art represent who you are at your truest.

SIDE BAR: This is my 100th Blog entry! I am so proud of this minor yet meaningful accomplishment in my life!


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