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Sunday, November 15, 2015


November 15, 2015- Attack.

We are sometimes taught to “take the bull by the horns” or create a plan of attack—all of these aggressive approaches to life. However, have you ever thought about just taking your time? Truly assess each part, action, moment and rather than steam rolling over it, you just took your time. At times it just seems easier to just go for the jugular. Why? Because it is safe for us or makes you feel better or even puts a means to an end. But the truth is this approach may not always be the best approach. Sometimes slow and steady does win the race. Gradually taking your time to reach a goal is what’s best. The only thing you should attack with vengeance is the enemy-- and the enemy is whatever you allow yourself to be affected by.

There is a difference in mentally attacking or physically attacking something. It is about finding a balance. You can have that "eye of the tiger": be driven, goal oriented, “see the goal, go for the goal” but your approach can be… slow. I have a tendency to go after everything with vigor and strength yet over the years I have surrounded myself with others who don't take on that same method necessarily. They are more laid back; however, laid back doesn't always fit every situation. Sometimes if you are always complaining about the same things, maybe your tactics should be changed. On the flipside, if you start to feel overwhelmed then maybe you should deliberate slowing down. 

Begin to look at your goals more strategically… carefully considering and plotting each and every move to your best ability.


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