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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Create On.

November 24, 2015- Create On.

We should all aim to be or create something that has never been seen before. Something that has never been felt or experienced before. Aim so high that your mind cannot wrap around the concept.

The limitations we set for ourselves are far worse than any expectation others put on us. I used to see limits as being safe: taking it slow or taking my time. However the thing is: if you feel it and are capable of doing it now, then WHY NOT do it now? Why not? Yes, it is much easier said than done, for sure. I understand that. I tell you I have had countless nights and days that I would lose myself in my thoughts and viewpoints. One idea playing off the other. I mean ideas for plays, programs, name it—I have thought about them. And in the end, I realized they were only in my mind. I wish I had a mental tape recorder because sometimes my mind flows faster than my hands can write. You know what I mean?

We have to start taking the thoughts from our minds and create! Make it happen! Make it a reality! Do it! Nothing should stop you. Maybe your ideas are meant to be shared and completed with the help of others. Perhaps like that workshop you want to do or that novel you have been meaning to self-publish or even taking that small class at the community college on clay sculpting or glass blowing. Anything! Pace yourself and go for it! Just create!


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