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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back on my Grind...

So these past few weeks have been pretty tough for me, I must admit. I just had to get my strength back up and my grind on again. And I feel greater than ever. It's crazy how life, sometimes, feels like it ain't going nowhere, you know? Like everything around you is moving forward. People around you are moving forward, but what about you? What about me? And then...I stepped back and realize that I'm propelling faster than ever. It's all about faith and embracing my own blessings. My time will come, my season has only just begun. I am sooo overwhelmed right now and I love it!  I love being busy; it keeps me on my grind! I am currently involved in 4 shows! 4 shows! HA, it's crazy but so awesome! All are equally challenging and quite fun. And I thank God for that.


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