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Monday, January 12, 2015

I'm Listening.

January 12, 2015- I'm Listening.

So am I listening to the voices in my head or listening FOR a voice in my head? Oh come on, we have all been at a point in our lives that we are waiting and hoping for an answer. And we are looking for it everywhere. In song lyrics, random billboards, "subliminal messaging" in commercials (shrugs) but we are seeking out the answers to some of our greatest dilemmas. Right now, I am so keen on making sure that I am seeking and following God's Will instead of my own. Believe me, I have led many years of going after things MY way and let's just say I have only ended up in circles. Circles that sometimes take a while to come back to full circles but when it does….BAM! everything is all hindsight and I am just miserable.  

In the past week, I have met some of the most interesting and artistically passionate people in my life. And I am serious, how our paths crossed were completely random. One night I was just grabbing a bite after work, next thing you know I am sitting next to a Boston Conservatory graduate who's determined to open her own non-profit for underprivileged kids to teach them how to read and comprehend music!? A few days after that I was out shopping for props for a project I am working on and I cross paths with a woman who is utterly in love with costume designing and theater! And we between the two women I met, we have over 30 friends in common! Just when I was thinking that I losing my itch…my spark…I was fed with the love of the arts.

What am I getting at? So every morning as I head into work I have to pass through a tunnel. I use the tunnel as my start and end point to my day. As I pass through the threshold of the tunnel, either my day is beginning or ending and I thank God for watching and guiding me on a safe and clear path. And…tears are starting to come to my eyes.  And let's just say my heart is definitely torn. Just like the good book says "one cannot serve two masters"… right now I am starting to believe that one cannot seek two passions. (sighs) 

SIDE BAR: Last week at work,  I was playing a game with my teens called "Choices". Basically, it is a game that encourages freedom of expression and opinions. There are bunch of cards in a jar with comparisons on them. One person at a time draws a card and reads aloud the comparison. And then surveys from the room for their opinions. So…it was my first time playing the game. As I reached inside of the jar, I playfully swished my hand around and I pulled out a card… and the picture below is the card I chose….NO LIE. Interesting….

So I am just listening now. Seeking out the answers as they come before me.


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