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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I wrote this blog a couple of weeks ago…and I have now decided to post it.

January 16, 2015-Tunnel.

I have the luxury of passing through tunnels on a daily basis. What is truly fascinating about tunnels is that…it is a contraption that can literally span across bodies of water connecting it to land. So in essence, if you think of the paths you are traveling on in life as tunnels CONNECTING you from one point to the other then you will not see your life as a waste of energy or time. 

I am not sure if everything is just starting to make sense or I am just coming into terms with accepting myself where I am in life but I am really enjoying myself right now. I love how much time it is taking between two points. The tracks and distance…and the people I am meeting. Today I had a conversation with a male friend of mine that has been in my life for years! Years! And I never knew how much of a humanitarian or visionary he is. And now I am thinking about ways for us to collaborate to challenge and prevent childhood imagination deprivation. I am completely mind blown and yet…maybe years ago I was so caught up on my own paths and way that I did let anybody “cut in”. And shit…the people I did let come in threw me WWAAAYYY off kilter, but that is not the point.

My point is don’t get slowed down because of the traffic in the tunnel… every inch you move is further than where you were. Now speaking as someone with TERRIBLE, I mean HORRIBLE road rage this is somewhat of a revelation to me. I am the “anxious” type. Always looking for what is next…but patience is importance here. You have to take your time and take the drive.


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