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Monday, May 4, 2015


May 4, 2015- Safe.

Playing it safe. Never doing too much of a good thing but just enough. My question is: when does something become "risky"? I think that is up to a person's discretion. What may be simple and harmless to me may be completely "left field" to someone else. Right? So whatever it is that you choose to do, be sure to make it about yourself. Not others and their opinions. It is funny how one moment you can be feeling higher than high about some great news or an opportunity but that ONE person can come in and just….ruin it for you. And granted, no one person should ever have that type of effect on anyone but they do. They seem to find the negative in EVERYTHING. The "what if", the doubt, the wrong…do you ever think they sit back and realize what they are saying and implying is WRONG? Hmm? 

The very people who we trust the most, love ones and friends, unfortunately are the ones who can disappoint you the worst. And it is a lot harder to turn the other cheek towards someone that you love and value. So what can you do? Well, depending on your personality, you either went off on them, addressed the situation in a peaceful and diplomatic manner, or ignored it. (laughs) But seriously, what can you do? As artists, we are meant to express ourselves: visually, mentally, and emotionally through our craft. Prove them wrong. If they love you, show them how much you love what you do. Allow them to see how much joy it takes to go after what you do. It is not a guaranteed "fool proof" career choice as an artist. Granted nothing is EVER guaranteed but you get my point. Let them know how much this new opportunity and chance means to you. It can be a national tour or a screenwriting competition or submitting a demo you have been working on for months….Tell them this is a once in a lifetime possibility and you will stop at NOTHING to go after it.

I know what you are thinking: "why should it matter?? I don't have to prove anything to anybody!" And you are right. You are absolutely right. But look at it as an opportunity to expose another person and the world to the gift that you were given. And if they choose to accept it, great. If not…move on. But at least you tried, took the risk… and didn't play it safe.


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