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Monday, February 16, 2015


February 16, 2015- Irreplaceable.

Go ahead…get your Beyonce on. It is nearly impossible not the belt out Irreplaceable when it is on the radio…Men too. ;)

Growing up, I was drilled that there is always someone better than me, smarter than me,  prettier than me. I could go on and on. Don’t make that face or roll your eyes---it’s the truth. Some may call it tough love but… it taught me a very good lesson: they were right. There will always be something greater than me…and that is myself.

See I have always had a smart alecky attitude. The kind of attitude that would get you chopped in the throat if you didn’t maintain and get it together. You feel me? Anyways, even from a young age I knew how to take a negative and somehow make it into a positive. I will always be better than “the me” before because…I am not the same person every day. Every day I am growing and changing. So the very person that I am being “compared” to is only myself.
I know what you are thinking. This whole “Positive Patty” mumbo jumbo is for the birds but let me ask you something. When did being down and negative about yourself ever benefit anyone? I am serious. It doesn’t. We have to start viewing ourselves as ‘irreplaceable’  because the reality is…we are irreplaceable. I mean unless you believe in parallel universes and clones and blah…there is only one of you. How fascinating? There is no one like you.  People may “look” like you but no one thinks like you. No one can be you.

Whatever flaws you may have or talents you possess are yours. Shoot, my height. That was something that took me years to accept and appreciate. I realized it was my “identifier”. And I would stop at nothing to “replace” that feature about me. I remember…(laughs) growing up and watching on cartoons that if you put your feet underneath the base of the refrigerator and reach towards the top…you could ACTUALLY elongate your body. So I tried it! STOP LAUGHING! I was a very determined little girl.

Did it work? Hell naw, of course not! Lol…but over the years, I realized that it didn’t matter. The things I viewed and thought were a hindrance and flaws turned into…acceptance. So to the people, who kept pushing me towards trying to one up the next “best thing”…thank you.


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