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Saturday, February 28, 2015


February 28, 2015- Tough.

At this very moment---literally I am at a place of peace and reverence. I can precisely pinpoint to this day last year and I was so empty and lost. I am serious. I was in a tumultuous relationship with not only myself but with an individual that wasn't right for me. And as I reflect…neither was I for them. I was still eager and driven…extremely passionate about my path as an Actor but very…distracted. I was allowing decisions to be made that only followed my emotions and not my mind or spirit.  I wasn't in one accord with Him.

So now as I sit upon my bed readying myself for the audition that will LITERALLY change the course of my life…I am so thankful. I am honestly such at peace right now. Today, just like all the rest of these past couple of months, is heavy and busy. I have rehearsal for about 7 hours and then I have to shoot over to the audition…no time to breathe, just go. And I am ready! I am so excited! Over the past couple of months, God has revealed to me that he has been preparing me to fall dependent on myself. He has shown me my strengths under pressure. He has shown me who and what I need in my life and what I don't. He has taught to me start recognizing my mistakes BEFORE…I make them.

Am I now suddenly perfect? NO. BUT I am growing and becoming a true woman of God. Today's audition will set me on the course of a lifetime. It will finally open the door of opportunity for my future as a performer, an artist, and a human being. NO ONE COULD HAVE TOLD ME that this time last year…crying into the depths of my pillows that I would be doing this again! Putting myself out there to be judged and evaluated! But I am! I am doing it again! I am so proud that I did not let a simple thing like 4  "NOs" keep from going after this again. Because my vision is bigger than rejections… my vision is about a movement.

Our business can be tough, people. We all know it---well…I guess you can say I am one TOUGH cookie. (smiles) Please send me your best wishes and prayers….today is the beginning of my true journey.  I am claiming it! Be on the lookout for the results!!


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