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Monday, February 23, 2015


I wrote this blog a couple of days ago…and I have now decided to post it.

February 20, 2015- Tamed.

Got a question? Have you ever made a change in yourself that you can't decide if it is a "change" or am I being tamed? Am I learning to be more mature or am I conforming? I have to admit that the timing of this here "snow break" was impeccably perfect. I was starting to feel extremely overwhelmed… and I just needed a rest and break. Just to rest a while. I took time to read, to laugh, to have some just personal "me" time… and it was quite refreshing I might add. And I was reflecting on myself. As we all should do sometimes. 

That fiery Brittney flair is slowly simmering out, y'all. I am serious. I am watching it happen before my eyes. No, it is not a change in intent but in pace. Am I just learning to accept what is given to me…and make the best out of it? Is that what you call "settling"? This is a legitimate question. Or am I just learning to be grateful and allow things to come as they may?! AAAHHH it is a conundrum, right? I have come to accept that with my career it is all about the timing and being in the right place at the right time. For 10 years, I have been pursuing Acting full time vigorously and emotionally. Countless auditions, air fares, hotels, rejections, and still I get up running. Why?? Because that fire in me won't be tamed. However, I can feel the moisture upon my nape…but I won't let me smolder down. I don't want to be just a trail of smoke… I think conformity comes in the sense of what "society" wants you to be like. To be normal. What is normal? Clearly it is a perception. 

DONT BE TAMED! There is an inner beast…a strength within all of us. There are times to let it rest at bay…but when the time comes--- let it BURST from you. Attacking the enemy of conformity and embracing the power of a good fight. 


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