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Friday, March 20, 2015


March 20, 2015-Focus.

Whether we like it or not, we will always be affected by the elements of the world. Either physically or emotionally, we are all subjected to the worldly harms of this universe. So that is why we have to be sure to keep our spirits sound and healthy. As an Actress, I sometimes subjugate myself to cruel habits: sleepless nights, obscene diets, mental humiliation (at times) and all the while I have to make sure I have tough skin. You have to learn to focus.

I am so focused right now…it is not even funny. Purposefully, I am assessing every little thing that enters into my life as a necessity or “in the moment”. Sounds so drastic but truthfully what it does is creates a sense of recognition and boundary for yourself. Sometimes, we tend to hold onto things longer than what they were intended for. And no I am not talking about a dream…I am talking about a habit or person that in hindsight you realized wasn’t worth it from the start.

So how does one get to be so focused? How can you differentiate between the two? You have to keep in account the things that make you happy and know what you want. It seems as you get older, it gets harder to lie. (smiles) And that is a good thing. Wait…it doesn’t for you? Well shoot, sorry you haven’t had that epiphany yet, but seriously I am loving how honest I am becoming. You cannot allow yourself to become distracted or unfocused just because the elements are not shifted to your liking. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing an artist be true to themselves and in their element.

My body and mind are both set on: “What’s Next?” status.


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