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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Dreams Are NOT Deferred... (3)

March 18, 2015- A Raisin in the Sun Recap: The Reflection.

The Reflection.

So this past Monday morning driving into work, I had a sense of peace rushing over and through my body. Nothing filled my mind. WHICH IS RARE FOR ME! I was just so grateful and thoughtful that I had experienced fulfilling another dream of mine. I haven’t performed on stage in 3 years! And there was a clear sense of “belonging” up there. Feeling the warmth of lights splash across my face. The energy of the audience: the roar of their laughter and sidebar comments (smiles). 

The awesomeness of still finding discoveries while performing on stage. OHHHHH seeing my fellow actors and I having such a good time on that stage! Oooooh it is nothing like seeing an Artist in their natural habitat and I was…at home.

And the support! All of my family and friends who came out….a TON that I didn’t know even knew about the show. Wow, just plain wow. I am so blessed.

So what’s next?...Well of course, you know I never slow down….really. I find out about grad schools this week! Woot! And from there I have MAJOR project in the works. And this one….this one, my friends, is the game changer. STAY TUNED.


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