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Monday, April 27, 2015

The Facts.

April 27, 2015- The Facts.

What do the facts say about you? Who are you “on paper”? When somebody takes one look at you, what can they immediately point out? What are the little things about you that people usually make judgments about? I am asking these questions because we as people are so obsessed with the facts: the proof, the information, the data. We are more concerned on trying to discredit a source rather than taking it at face value.
The facts, themselves, don’t mean very much to me anymore. Actually, the facts are not in my favor most of the time. But you know what is? Faith. Where facts lack, my faith makes up for it. There are many times when the odds are not in our favor. When we know we aren’t necessarily qualified for something or we are up competing against someone who is deemed stronger and wiser. Right? But we still go after it anyways because of the faith in ourselves. That is something to be proud about. And forget the facts! The facts are nothing more than indicators trying to regulate a systematic view. BOOM! I know that sounds really pretentions but to be honest, I really don’t care. Every day we all try to defeat the odds: reject the facts and “realities” of our world.

As an actress and a woman—hell as a black female artist, I have SO MANY “facts” and statistics that go against my chances of ever being a professional working actor. When you look at the grand picture, it would make the weak go underneath a rock and wept. But that is not me. I have too much FAITH in my abilities and so should you. The only odd that is in your way is yourself…if you let it be.


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