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Monday, December 29, 2014

2015: Independence.

December 29, 2014- Independence.

Just as another one of my goals for 2015: Success; what does independence mean to you? I am not ashamed of the current situation that I am in; however, I am not complacent either. I am always going after what is better or what is next. No that does not mean I am never satisfied with what I have, it means that I don't want to miss out on anything. Being independent in 2015 is about having my own. My own voice, my opinions, my own domestically…I can go on and on. But independence means being just me. 

Having no one else to depend on except for God. And let's face it, He is the only one who has never let me down. The holidays this year was a true reflection of how much I have grown and others around me have become complacent. To them, they feel like this is ALL that they are entitled to and they are okay with it. NOW don't get me wrong, there is a thin line between being ungrateful and being complacent. Yes I have had my moments of being ungrateful, sure. But this is bigger. This is me really wanting to step out and just live for me. The thoughts of owning my own home are what fills my evenings. The thought about job promotions and nailing down my Masters and Doctorate are what fuel my every move now. My dreams CAN and WILL become a reality because I am finally in a mindset for change. 

I was falling into patterns. Don't we all? When you respond or react a certain way to every situation or you find yourself in the same situations over and over again. It's nuts…and yet it's comfort. And damn, if i was happy?! I was never happy. It was like stepping out of your body and watching you fall into a trap. Uh…step around the hole! Don't go in there! So 2015 is about avoiding the hole….taking a slight detour but ending up at your same destination…on time. (smiles)


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