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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015: Joy.

December 31, 2014- Joy.

Joy! It is funny when I first said that aloud to myself, I thought about that scene from Coming to America when they are in church and the camera goes to Akeem and he simply shouts "Joy"! That is a new word for my vocabulary, folks. Seriously the whole "happy" thing isn't something that I am used to. Why? Because I used to have this convoluted idea that happiness only comes when you are ready to receive it. And there I am still trucking along on my journey and I didn't think I was ready for happiness yet…there was still soooo much to be done. So take a person who is driven, overly critical of themselves,  and relationship oriented---in the end, you "end" up with a mess. A person who is trying to figure out how things will flow.

So going into 2015 I will find JOY in all that I do and I won't stand in the way of my blessings. So what is Joy to me? Well as an artist, any platform to show my artistic expression WOULD bring me so much joy. But truthfully, this is the year for career advancement for me. I know that sounds "odd" but moreso this is the first time in 5 or 6 years that my future is all about Brittney. I have been in two long term relationships, back to back, and well…let's just say I put Brittney on the back burner too long. So here is to the joy I will find in 2015 with many career, academic, and…personal advancements. 


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