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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


December 16, 2014-Newness.

I have been trying to right this particular entry for a while, but I have just gotten so busy lately. But that's the point---all the new things that have been arriving in my life has been so splendid and different. I have to keep checking in with myself spiritually and emotionally just to make sure I am taking it all in. LOOK---this is coming from a woman that used to FEAR things going too well or new things. I am serious. It wasn't that I would coward away from it all, but I would either avoid or even worse…sabotage it. 

But every day I believe my beacon of hope is being led down the right path. And then you ask yourself, how do you know it is the right path? Well, yes from my Christian standpoint I can say that it is God's Will; however from a universal standpoint I look at it as…anywhere that you are now that you weren't before…is where you ought to be. Which, in essence, is on the right path. You feel me? I was not sitting at my desk typing these blogs a year ago! I was not lying in my bed, a few months ago, contemplating going back to school for my Masters and Doctorate! Yes Doctorate! I wouldn't know the beauty of writing and creating grants and curricula, if I hadn't just started moving.

When people get bored, it is because they stop moving. And sure, we all move at very different pace and we are all moving towards very different goals. Believe me… each day my path is becoming more defined and oddly enough it deviates from my original plans. That is another blog. But because it is a part of my big picture, it is not like a culture shock. Roll with the road. Continue to move forward, we are meant to learn and make mistakes! Trust, we have all been through that but this is about embracing the new.


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