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Sunday, December 7, 2014


December 7, 2014- Visionary.

Now you all know I must have been busy as hell to go without writing for almost over a week and it is true! This is the most time I have had to myself in about 2 weeks or so…soooo with all of that being said "hey y'all". What I have been exposed to over the course of the past two weeks have truly shown how much my character has developed over the past year. And the biggest revelation about me that I learned is that "I am good under pressure". Like seriously, I don't buckled or falter. Yes, I may get frustrated but bet your bottom dollar that show WILL go on and it WILL run flawlessly. 

I really haven't gone into detail about my "work-life" balance too much because I wanted to keep the artistic side and work side separate from my blogs but with things beginning to align, the two are evolving together. I am the Director of Quality Assurance for a non-profit organization called Girls Inc. It is a HUGE nationally recognized organization that specializes specifically in Girl Empowerment and Youth Development.  And I can honestly say " I love my job".  (smiles) I remember my ex telling me that "there will never a job that I love to do and will be able to sustain financially. I would have to find one or the other". Crazy, how being with you I felt that I couldn't find that…and now without you everything is working. Interesting.

Actress Sheryl Lee Ralph & Me

Nevertheless, this week was our 9th Annual People of Influence Gala and let me tell you: being amongst so many prestigious dignitaries and influential people from our community was emotionally overwhelming. Our CEO, who is the definition of a visionary, at the 11th hour placed task upon task on my plate and I did not falter. I had to write speeches and coordinate with the sound/AV people, in essence I was the show runner. I was told about 24 hours before the event that I would be speaking on behalf of the entire administration and leadership team for Girls Inc. I mean…God knew how to put me in front of the right people and have me speak on behalf of something that truly means so much to me. And I haven't even gotten to the best part!

Our guest speaker that evening was the mutli-talented actress Mrs. Sheryl Lee Ralph! And to round it off, I got to spend the ENTIRE evening with her. Not just in her presence, but one-on-one at dinner. Talking about issues that are effecting our country and our young people! It was truly a blessing… SO as I reflect on all of the frustration that I have been through over the past couple of years, this past weekend made it all worthwhile. Speaking with Mrs. Ralph showed me exactly how your path as an artist can lead you to channel and speak to millions. Her platforms of HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention are the catalyst for her work as a performer now. She creates plays on these topics and tours the country going from venue to venue, campus to campus RAISING AWARENESS! If that is NOT what I feel that I am called to do every single day, then I don't know what is.

I thank God so much for placing me in the presence of one of his children: a woman that I had the esteemed pleasure talking to and connecting with. Thank you God.


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