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Thursday, April 9, 2015


April 9, 2015- Flaws.

It has been a while! Well so much has happened over the course of just a few weeks that I have been trying to catch my head from spinning off! Nevertheless, let's talk about... flaws. What are flaws? You would think that it is a simple question and answer but not really.  Your flaws may not be the flaws, at all. As Artists, we can sometimes take our flaws and "masks" them. Reshape them. And that applies to internal and external things to fix. I never been one to dance around a subject and I am not about to now but I have a lot of emotional flaws. Some, in which, I thought only effected me…but have affected those around me. Family, friends, etc. And over the course of the past few weeks, I have had a lot to consider when it comes to my future. YES---I have so much to share about my journey but this is neither the time or place yet. I needed to write this passage because…I want to know if any artist can relate to the feelings I am feeling. 

When you can be at your happiest and still---still see the flaws. It is not healthy. So to that, I suggest one thing: pray. Even if you are not spiritual or "religious"---pray.  Allow sometime to yourself to heal and process. Do not consume yourself with the negative. Focus on yourself and just find your balance. I think that is why I feel so off because I have not been able to do that fully. I haven't taken very much time for 'Brittney' and I felt…off. I have been emotional and confused. Have you ever felt like that?? I am sure you have. Find your balance, refocus your universe, and try to move forward. Whatever is array---try your best to fix it. Either with yourself or a situation. Mend it and move forward. 

Pray….prayer and time heals everything.


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