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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

27: Stalled

April 15, 2015- 27: Stalled

Waking up nowadays is so much easier than it was a year or so ago. Why? Because I am taking and treating each day like its purpose is detrimental to life itself. I am learning to live each day with the thoughts of inspiring others. I have to admit something to you: I have never believed in myself as much as I do now. Why? Because things are on the up? NO. Because things couldn't be more out of whack and I still living each day with vigor. What happens to someone who hits the bottom? They stall. Like when a car stalls or like placing an animal in a stall. It hinders them from growth and from moving forward. And let's specify that the bottom for YOU may not be the "bottom" for everyone else. 
I have stalled myself for years. I get asked all the time: Why are you still in Virginia? Why haven't you moved to better market for your acting? Why not? What's here? And for years I would make up excuses…until I sat back and really evaluated why the hell I am still here. It is by choice. A choice that I was making for myself without even considering me or the circumstances or even…God's will. I would fight every blessing that would fall into my lap. Why? Because I thought I wasn't ready! It's a powerful thing to be in tuned with yourself so much but damn---when you start blocking out the good because you are in your head….it's like a cage.

I hate to say this but it took my heartache, my drive, my tears, and rejection for Brittney to find her place within herself. And I am finally ready. Ready for what? Only God knows and I will stop at nothing to follow this path to my next destination. The next big rolethe next program I get to create or speak at. So to my fellow artists and readers, do yourself a favor: quit stalling and rev up your engine!


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