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Monday, April 13, 2015


April 13, 2015-Drop.

It’s time for us to “drop the act” and just be ourselves. I know for the past couple of blogs I have been driving this point home and it is because I am tired of seeing people make excuses for themselves.  I find myself if I am dating someone or hanging out with some friends that I say the words “sorry” all of the damn time! Why?! Why should I apologize for just being me? Simple test: check yourself every time you say “sorry”. You will be so surprised how much we say it.

It is time to drop that shit. Excuse my language but come on people! We are all getting older and we need to start surrounding ourselves with the people who will be riding on our journeys with us. Not the fly bys or “leaves of the changing seasons”, but the people you want to look back on and see the lineage and the growth with. And if there aren't any right now then that is fine.

Drop the bad habits: if you don’t want things to go one way then figure out how to have it go another way!  If someone doesn’t treat you right or treat you how you deserve to be treated---drop that s**t! I am so serious! If your career isn’t progressing along the way you want or you keep getting rejected, then change up your process and DROP the old way!

That is the approach I had to take and believe me, it is finally taking off and working. I dropped a lot of people and things I didn’t necessarily need and keep it moving. Sounds harsh but the truth of the matter is: Life waits for no one. You get up every day, so please make something out of it. I found myself harping on the things I have done in the past. It was like a horror movie playing over and over again on repeat. And every night and every morning I would look into the mirror and just see pain. I would see the pain. I would see an ordinary person with drive and hurt behind their eyes. And I got tired of seeing that. I had to accept that we all make mistakes. We drive people out, we hurt people, we miss out on great opportunities—shoot we even hurt ourselves but we have to learn to DROP the past and PICK UP yourself for the future.

Some people call it “righting your wrongs”…I just call it “living”. Believe me, if I could apologize and take back all the hurtful things I have done to myself and to others I would…but you must learn to forgive yourself. You can’t speak for no one else but yourself.


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