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Monday, April 20, 2015

For the Greater Good...

April 20, 2015- For the Greater Good…

No, I am not about to go all “Miss America” on you, but I wanted to share with you about an opportunity I was given a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes you never know who you are going to meet and when you are going to meet them. Even when you are not out advocating for yourself, your abilities and your skills are speaking for themselves. And in my case, an incredibly talented friend of mine was speaking on my behalf.

As I have shared with you, I am an avid supporter of the arts and my humanitarian efforts are through working with youth and non-profits to promote healthy growth and stimulation through cultural development and enrichment. A.K.A “I still believe in the power of imagination”. Nevertheless, I have never been one to hide my passion for both performance and teaching. EVER. And a fellow artist recommended me to a woman whose passions are directly in alignment with my own. Her name is Nicole “Coley Cole” Wigfall and her journey as both a model and role model is simply inspiring. Her workshop is called the 3M Project: Modeling, Motivating, and Mentoring. AMAZING, right? Well…how did the two of us cross paths?? Well as she has been conducting her workshops, Nicole has mentored numerous amounts of individuals that have a desire to go into the field of Acting. Although, modeling and acting have many similarities she wanted someone with a certain level of expertise to come to speak at one of her workshops.

NOW MIND YOU, I by no means am an expert in my field; however, I do have extensive knowledge in how to get things started. And haven’t we all been in that place? When we just want to get into something new, but we don’t know how or where to start? So when our mutual friend, Ms. Carrie King, referred us to each other—it was like fireworks! Not only are we artists, we are both women of faith. Such a blessing! So I prepared a packet for each of the participants on “How to Get Started in Acting 101”. And it was a success! Talking about headshot selections, monologues, what not to do in an audition, having an agent vs not having an agent…I can go on and on and it was great to see these people coming out to a seminar just to grasp a little bit of knowledge.

But of course, you get presented with something like this:  “if you know so much, why are you still here?”  And I just smiled and said “because I am choosing to be here. Just like you: once you have this knowledge, it is UP TO YOU to choose what to do with it.”  And that was that. I don’t need to explain myself to anyone. Truth be told, I could pose the same question back to them: if you feel like you have been destined your WHOLE life to do this [act or model] then why has it taken you until NOW to start your process? Hmm?.....Right.

But I chose not to take that approach and rather than be defensive, I remained supportive. I allowed my heart and desire to help people take over my tongue and just continued to provide information and knowledge. And I felt truly good about it. I apperceived I was serving a higher and greater good and purpose.


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