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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Experience: PRECINCT 757

August 26, 2014- My Experience: Precinct 757

So no blog today…I decided to reflect on my experience working on Precinct 757. 

Precinct 757

Created from the minds of FulCamp Productions, Precinct 757 is about a special unit of detectives and street cops are tasked with chasing down Hampton Roads worst criminals. They face challenges from the streets and each other while getting the job done. 
"When I first heard about this new cop drama pilot being filmed in Hampton Roads, I was elated. I thought to myself, it is about time that something daring it coming to the area. Ofc. Britton is the type of character that I wish I could be in real life. Witty, sharp, tough…but has a lot of spirit and fire. Her character arc will really show through during season 2 and I am looking forward to the push."

Actress Brittney S. Harris (Britton)
and  Actor Lamonte Mills (Boston)
After auditioning and casting,  I was selected to play the edgy, smart-aleck  Officer LaTia Britton. Who is a bad ass, in her own mind, but just seen as a loud mouth rookie cop to everyone else. Along with other very talented actors such as Robert Shepard and LaMonte Mills, Precinct is a strong ensemble piece of entertainment. 

Check out Precinct 757 Episode 104- Boxed IN

See and learn more about Precinct 757

Official Website: http://www.precinct757.com


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