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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


August 19th, 2014- Crowded.

Don't ever apologize for being yourself. Those who know you and your worth will learn to appreciate you for you…flaws and all. Sometimes as nuts as you may feel or as wrong as you may feel… you are still worth it. These blogs have been the most wonderful reflections for me lately.

The things in life what challenge or hurt us were put there for a reason…everything happens for a reason. Don't let the bad stand in front of your blessings. I am speaking from a personal standpoint on this one.

Sometimes it is okay to be scared… fear can be the greatest catalyst of them all.  Fear is what drives me every day to go after my Acting career. What's there to fear? The fear is someone taking my spot or opportunity because I was too "scared" to go after it in the first place. With so much going on in the world today, we must be able to be upfront and honest with each other and ourselves. I am learning that day by day…in my industry of film/television with so much dramatization….you can't seem to delineate between what is fact or fiction, real or fake. So what you must do… is take each day with a grain of salt and grow from it. I am not perfect. Those around you won't be either. I am writing this because I have been really hard on myself lately. Rejections, not getting casted, losing a friendship, all of those things are there to make you stronger. Yes, that is what I said…STRONGER. It is not meant to break you but to help you learn.

Recently, I had new people enter my life and put that in prospective for me. And every day I overcome my adversities. Actors and Artists are real people too. I think that is why I started sharing these blogs .And I can see what my flaws can do…it pushes people away, it crowds you in a vast of sadness and doubt. Gross, right? And with all that's going on…all the wonderful qualities about you seems to just disappear. But you are there. Still underneath it all. Well, don't push away your blessings. Just be you. And pray and hope that you are accepted for that. And if not, well there are at least two others…that will. You and the One Up Above.


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