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Sunday, August 24, 2014


August 24, 2014- Simple.

Simplicity, to me, is one of the things that I try my best as an Artist to stay away from. I don't want to be simple or basic, I want to be bold and different. Let's make that statement out loud! I think that so many people try and conform and we forget that we are called "individuals". You know? After filming this weekend, I see that my flaws are that I take a script and go straight to the basics. Mainly because I was given the script about 2 days prior to filming but moreso I had to take this script and GO somewhere. I go through a process called "scoring". It is when you breakdown all the elements of a script. Granted it is FAR much easier to do so with a play script than a film script, it is beneficial to do it for both. 

While breaking down the script, you mainly are trying to assess your character and piece from multiple angles. Sure you can do the who, what, when, where, and why?---but this is to provide clarification and assist you in development. The script I was working with was part of a  bigger script that I was not given because of confidentiality. Which is normal, for the most part. But trying to "use" the elements to create and understand my character, who was an abused abductee, was a little difficult. But nevertheless, I made it work. I used the elements presented to me and the setting and I went for it. But for myself, I wish I would have went less basic and just outside of the box… it's just the "hindsight thing" that all artists do. 

And with life, that is not the "hindsight" epiphany I want to have. Sometimes as a person you have to learn to push yourself even more than what is on the surface. 

Funny, on the flip side of things, when it comes to my personal life I am the complete opposite. I love for things to be simple. Simple "Girl Meets Boy", Simple Best Friends…nothing immensely complicated. And that is how it should be… for the most part. But we all know what simplicity brings: boredom, curiosity, discernment, and I could go on and on. Which leads me back to that word "balance". Finding a balance between in your lives. I have actually had a counselor friend refer to it as "a healthy work/life balance". You have to take care of yourself on both ends. So something that may benefit you career wise may not be best for your personal life.  Simplicity may work in one way here, but not in the other there. And when the two cross paths…they collide! Boom! lol… But you get the point. 


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