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Monday, August 25, 2014


August 25, 2014- Fight.

          I am convinced that we are all fighting the wrong battles in our lives at some point. I think there is our true path and then there is the path that we create. Rather than just being open and "listening" to what is front of us, we try and create something else. It's confusing, right? Yeah… and maybe I am not speaking for everyone when I say this but: Life can be confusing. I talked about simplicity yesterday. Being simple seems like it would be so easy, doesn't it? Just going with the "flow" of things and not having much of a distinct say so. Nevertheless, I think it comes to a point when you realize that you have been on the wrong path the entire time and now you have to work EVEN HARDER to get back on your "true" path. And with that…comes a fight. You have to get out of your conform zone and fight for what you feel is right. Or for what IS right. But how do you know? If it is worth it? Worth the fight?

Ask yourself this: What are you losing without it? I know for a fact when I am not Acting, taking a class, or involved in performing in ANY way, I feel empty. Worthless, just like a "bump on a log". And then I am not very fun to be around, either. I am a drag, hence why I am such a private person. I sit on my emotions a lot. But I am learning to fight that. To fight being so closed off and I am learning to fight the urge…to push away. (That is a conversation for another day :) )  But I will say that if you won't fight for something, no one will do it for you. Right now, I am fighting something called "fear". Fear can be a very powerful thing…if you give it the chance.  I ran away from so many opportunities because of it. Why? Because I didn't think I could hold up to the challenge or expectation or I didn't think I was good enough…or…. no matter what it is, FEAR should never be a determining factor in your decision. Don't get me wrong, you should always proceed things with caution and be wise but…you have to put yourself out there. 

I will be branding myself in a new market very soon and I am petrified… mainly because this time I think it could actually work out. I am more confident in my abilities than I have been in a while. I think I have an intriguing look for this growing market and honestly, I believe my personality will sell and speak for itself! 


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