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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Wait.

October 27, 2014- The Wait.

This past weekend…what can I say other than I learned something rather interesting about myself. I am not afraid to feel what I want and need to feel. Sometime we spend so much time over analyzing things or even ourselves but the truth is we just need to accept things and people for who they are. 

 This weekend, I realized that I have been driven about and towards the wrong goals for a long time… and I believe that this epiphany is imperative to my growth as an Actor. I have standards. Personal standards, relationship standards…etc. and it is time to lay those down and not buckle. I had the privilege of seeing one of my good friends get married this weekend. Phew, and am I a hopeless romantic or what? I am telling you…I was bawling my eyes out. And not only at the sight of seeing her so damn happy, but at the simple fact that I can say I want that.

So can an artist be in love with their craft and be in love? Can it be done? I think it can but it will take the right type of person and I have to be in the right state of mind and reason to receive it. I guess what I am trying to say is…for the first time in my life, I honestly can say I am looking forward to the wait. Being patient and letting things naturally take its course. Granted going after love versus going after something that you love, to me, are TWO totally different things and this case, I am ready to be more proactive in my career and less caught up in the whole “finding” love thing. I am telling you society has this way of making you feel less than adequate because you haven’t done this by a certain age or that, but the truth is…SCREW THE WORLD! Sorry for the brashness but it is the truth. Things will happen in its right time… and I am looking forward to the wait.

Because…right now I am being groomed for something great.



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