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Friday, October 10, 2014


October 10, 2014- Wall.

As an Artist you must be open to new experiences and new ideas. That is how we stay fresh and in tuned with our emotions and feelings. Being open and being an "open book" are too different things. Sometimes as an Actor I have to be sure not to bring "Brittney" to every single character. Yes, facets of me are fine and actually preferred in most circumstances but for the most part you have to be able to bring to life what is true to that character. Not what "YOU" think but how your character thinks and feels. You get me? 

Nevertheless, let me ease into my point. The other evening I was watching one of my favorite pastors on television named Joel Osteen. And he talked about people who keep up a wall. Trust me…this goes back to my original point of being "open" vs  being an "open book". So like I was saying he spoke on putting up a wall. Now what has been drilled in you for over 20 years of your life may differentiate between what was instilled in me. My mother basically told me to ALWAYS keep a guard up. Trust people who earned your trust not because you feel obligated to "trust" them. On the other hand, once I delved into the real world: college, taxes, drinking, etc…I realized that…they were people who were determined to get through my wall. People telling me that "you are only hurting yourself staying blocked up like that". So here I was…split.

So that evening listening to Joel, I knew exactly what he was going to say: " It never benefitted anyone to stay guarded up". Right?… WRONG. And that flipped the script to me. Joel spoke on the fact that we need to learn to keep our walls up to protect our spirits. He didn't mean it perpetually, but we have to be able to guard our spirit and our minds. Why? Because they are people who steal your energy. I can speak on two individuals RIGHT NOW who I still recovering from…because I was an open book and all they were was just…open. Open to listen and open to take….and right now I am learning to take that power back.

I am not saying to go out here and not trust, but what I am saying is that "wall" we have up…MAY NOT necessarily be a bad thing. At all. Shoot, who knows? Maybe if I would have kept it up longer…or sooner then perhaps…I wouldn't have ever lost sight of the bigger picture. 

That was more of a vent than a blog. Enjoy.


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