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Friday, October 31, 2014


Phew!: A Reflection

Well I am rounding out another month.  By far, the most interesting month of the year. October 2014 will never be forgotten and now…on to the next one. November holds a lot of chips for me as an Actor and Humanitarian. I wish I could tell you more details but unfortunately I can't but…what I would really love is for your blessings and support. 

Every day I am learning that I am getting wiser by the minute… and just because you are wise does not mean that you are “smart”…( I think I am pretty smart ;) But moreso, being wise means being aware. Knowing what you want to go after and then GOING after it. What makes one smart is realizing your growth and potential.

My work-life situation is FINALLY at a balance. I am learning new and intriguing skills and techniques that will propel me in to the future. The future of what holds at the end of my academic journey as an Actor. I have many aspirations but one of the biggest ones is: Being a part of something bigger than myself. And my friends, the journey just truly kicked off. Not only am I facing my fears and anxiety and going after my academic dreams again, I have successful learned the skill of writing grants! Yes, I am officially a Grant Writer and not only that… I am pretty damn good at it! ;)

So I am looking forward to the day when I put my skills to good use towards my own organization and projects. So raise your glasses and salute! November 2014 will be just as good as October…and I looking forward to the outcomes!


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